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My Period Story - Balancing hormones, getting my period back and how I felt the day it did return

Okay, so the things that I have been doing in the past few months:
  • Being really aware of my stress levels. In the past few weeks actually, I have been meditating A LOT more now that I think about it. Like 2-3 times a day. Just for 5-10 minutes. Meditating at night has also been really beneficial for my body getting into a very deep sleep and repairing my cells.
  • Eating more fat. Having bulletproof decaf coffees, lots of nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil and coconut products to try and get my body making estrogen. One recent study found that women store omega 3 fatty acids in the fat tissue of our hips and thighs so that a fetus can depend on us while developing in utero. Since you can’t manufacture omega 3 fatty acids on your own, you must include them in your diet
  • Having carbs at night to try and reduce my cortisol levels. If your body is constantly in a state of fight or flight, you'll never get your period.
    • Dr Alan Christianson conducted a clinical trial with people that were in some stage of adrenal fatigue. The idea is that carbs elevate blood sugar more than protein and fat and when you elevate blood sugar, you cause your body to make more insulin to manage the increase and your cortisol is blunted. Kind of like a see-saw (as one goes up, the other comes down). He basically got people to eat healthy carbs like root veggies at night because it was supporting the shutdown of cortisol which allows you for a better nights sleep. Read more about carb cycling here
  • Allowing myself to step into my feminine more. Whether this is my being in a relationship or working through your own self-journey, I have recently been able to step into my feminine essence more and I believe that this might have impacted my body. I wonder if by being around a very masculine man has enabled my body to subconsciously soften and know that the world is safe to have a baby ... hence my period!
  • Herbs from my amazing naturopath Steph! (go see her if you need the herbs ;) she'll give you what you need and fix your gut too - just mention my name please!!)
  • Having more body love! Since going on herbs and getting my hormones back into check, I have put on weight especially around my hips just from hormones. There has been no change in my diet (in fact I have been eating BETTER and more mindfully than when I was super skinny) - hormones play a massive role in your body. I now have NO limiting beliefs and nobody shame 99% of the time. And I truly mean this. I use to always criticise parts of me that I didn't like and now I'm so over that! I love every part of my body and just don't see the value in shaming myself for anything! I now really love myself for ME! If you want to achieve the same thing, I would LOVE to coach you into creating the happiness in your life that YOU DESERVE so that you don't have to worry about size, shape or fucking calories! Please read more about my coaching here and email me! xBy giving myself the give of LOVE my body has responded.
  • Acupuncture with the amazing Lauren - We have done lots of stabbing to keep everything moving and getting the channels working and I believe that this has played a large role. In the week leading up to getting my period, we did a big session where I was like "fuck I need my period, STAB ME EVERYWHERE!!" and we did, and TA-DA! MAGIC. (she also offers student prices just FYI)
  • Sitting in the full moon, new moon and whenever the moon is visible (and it's not too cold outside!!). Now that we are getting into summer this is much easier to do! The moon interacts with the electromagnetic fields of our body and creates the tides in our body. It affects our internal physiological processed and traditionally women would bleed during the dark moon (new moon) because there was less light so they would go inward and rest more, and ovulate with the new moon because there was more light and brightness in the world. Because of the light pollution of the modern world, we have lost this. So go get into the moon's rays and sync up baby!
  • Lymphatic massage - I started doing this 2 weeks before my period and there's definitely the possibility that it helped to get things moving! Lymphatic massages help in removing excess hormones lying around the body by increasing the activity of the kidneys and their filtration, helping balance our bodies. Remember that cortisol is a hormone and too much of it is going to prevent hormonal balance!
  • So I got my period on Sunday, but from Monday to Sunday I was being so zen. It was like I was just chilling all day every day. I wasn't worried about things, I wasn't stressed, I was fricken reading in the middle of the day!!! It was so weird because normally I'm like GO, GO, GO!!! I think this was a sign that it was coming, and I'm glad I allowed myself to go slow because I bet it contributed to me actually allowing it to come
  • I had a dream on Wednesday night, that I got my period. When I used to get my period before I went on the pill, I used to ALWAYS have a dream involving blood or that I was somewhere without a tampon and got my period so it's V interesting that this happened on Wednesday night!! In fact, many women actually have very vivid dreams in their premenstrual phase and dream about blood before their period. In your premenstrual phase, you become more sensitive and particular dreams might show up at a particular phase of your cycle - track these!
  • On Saturday I was pretty tired and I actually went to get my first session of Reiki - I don't think this had anything to do with it, but I thoughtI'dd throw it in anyway! Maybe it clearled some bloacked energy as on Saturday night I was journalling my thoughts like a mad woman!
  • I was so hungry on Saturday! Once I got home to have lunch (although it was like 3pm) I literally ate a whole avocado, bowl of veggies covered in olive oil, coconut chips and my tahini dip with capsicum sticks!! Then at dinner, I was upstairs and as I was walking down I could smell something cooking and it made me feel so sick - I thought my dad was cooking a roast pork and It just smelt gross...turns out it was ROAST CHICKEN (like ma fave!!) and I felt SO NAUSEOUS it was so weird!! (well now looking back its not so weird haha). Also, I had minor cramps in my ovaries in the afternoon which was interestinggggg
  • Sunday morning (THE BIG DAY!!!). Had my usual morning routine and when to the loo and when I wiped there was blood! Like the most I have ever gotten and a FULL ON PERIOD!!! To say I was happy woudn't do it justice.
Once I got my period.... I felt this massive release of energy. Like all this tense energy has been released out of me. I feel lighter and brighter since having my period - it could be because I'm so happy, but I have also been feeling more open and vunerable (in a good way) since having it. I have had a blocked heart chakra for a while now due to my past, and I wonder if this release of blood has helped to release my blocked energy channels. A bit from my journal: "I just keep melting in the bliss of having my period and feeling like a woman! It's amazing how this week I was so tired and slow -- so feminine! I feel so happy and open and like I actually want to talk about my feelings. I actually want to be feminine and feel vulnerable and open. Woah I WANT to feel vulnerable. This is fucked. ** I just came back from yoga and I don't think I have ever felt so connected in a class. In savasana, it was like I was literally able to see the air coming in and out my nose. I was so connected to my soul and intuition and so turned on!...Everything is making so much sense and I feel like a new person! Oh, and my left side was stronger today for most poses and the left side is the feminine and the right side is the masculine. Normally my right side is stronger" ** just an FYI that I really struggle with being open and vulnerable in relationships so I tend to stay closed but now all of a sudden I'm wanting to open up and soften into the masculine. Well, that's a wrap! Thank you for reading this post! There is going to be A LOT more where that came from -- think; what to eat at different phases of your cycle; how to harness your femininity; how to allow yourself to be feminine so the masculine can be masculine; understanding your flow; understanding PMS and hormonal imbalance. If you have a hormonal imbalance and want to understand how to heal it with food, try my 8 week program because it has ALL my information and research in there. Also, if you want one-on-one coaching -- email me! Don't forget to check out my YouTube for videos about periods, cycles and food! xx