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Mindset Shifts to Scale to 7 Figures

Mindset Shifts to Scale to 7 Figures

An article for Disrupt Magazine

Would you believe me if I told you that you can make money appear with just your mind? I know, what am I a genie? Maybe, but in reality it’s a scientific proven fact that the law of attraction is a very real thing which by all means I guess that makes me my own personal genie.

The law of attraction in layman terms basically means that you can control the outcome of your life based on negative and positive thinking, so essentially you can control everything with your mind. Yes, I’m completely aware that not everyone believes in this type of stuff, but I’m telling you that you should. I’ve have been be given the opportunity to start a business and scale it to seven-figure by simply being in the mindset that I absolutely can f**king do it.

Doubt in yourself is the number one thing that will always stop you from doing what makes you happy and I’m here to help you break that cycle and tap into your potential to be unstoppable.

When I started my business at 21 do you know how many people thought I was crazy? A 21 year-old who is still in uni starting a business?? They thought I was either bonkers or stupid and if I had listen to their negative assumption of me and just gave up like everyone expected I wouldn’t have the very business I have today!

I now have an audience of 300,000+ with social media and my podcast. Like LISTEN to me PLEASE don’t let the world decide where you belong, YOU get to decide where your life is going and what you want to do, and yes all of this goes back to your mindset!

Here are a 4 tips that I recommend that has helped me shift my mindset and scale my business to seven figures:

Tip #1: Practice Positive Spirals

So you have probably heard of anxiety spirals. You know the ones where you think about how every single thing could go wrong and against your favor. Well I encourage you to practice the opposite, it’s so easy to automatically just think the worst in every case scenario that we kind are just programmed to go straight there. However you should be optimistic not pessimistic. Instead practice how everything is going to be well and how the world is going to align everything in your favor. You’d be surprised how much this is going to just change your way of thinking.

Tip #2: Be Grateful

I know I sound like your parents right now, but it’s true. When you practice gratitude similar to positive spirals you start to really love your life. Taking a moment in the day even if its 5min list out at least 10 things you are grateful for. It can be small like “I’m grateful for this cup of coffee or glass of wine” or something big like “I’m grateful for my car or the roof over my head.” Doing this once a day will really lift your mindset.

Tip #3: Understand that it Takes Time

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is your mindset. The current mindset you have right now is years and years of conditioning. Why do you think “preconceived notions” is a thing? The hardest part of shifting your mindset is understanding that it doesn’t happen overnight. It is a learning process and taking the steps needed to take the time is the best way to ensure you can dismantle the negative talk in your head and turn that into positive thinking.

Tip #4: Trust In Yourself

Cher once famously said in an interview “I am a rich man” in response to her mother asking her why she doesn’t just marry a nice rich man, and that is the mindset and trust you need to have in yourself. I’m not saying you shouldn’t depend on people for help or that you shouldn’t marry a rich man (if you have the option by all means I encourage it) but what I am saying is that you have to put yourself first. How do you ever expect to scale your business if you don’t have the confidence in yourself to lead. The best asset your business can have is a leader that is not only confident ,but sure of themselves and willing to take the leap into the unknown trusting that they will catch themselves when they fall.