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Loosing the reins with clean eating

After eating 2 batches of my grain free carrot cakes this week because it was quite literally the only thing I could keep down (so random I know), I've realised that having a treat a couple of times a week will actually keep you more grounded and committed to eating a natural human diet. Thus, I will also start introducing you to some of my paleo loaves of bread (that are NOT crumbly and dry) and even some PB&J. YEP. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there that when I say to myself 'I can't have this'...then I only want it more and then when I wait until the weekend or the date I said I had to wait until , I end up eating so much oI it i feel sick. Raise your hand if you agree ? So while I have integrated more mindful eating into my daily practices, not being on the phone when i eat, watching TV or even reading, but rather REALLY focus on what I eat, I am also going to start just having some 'f**k it' meals that I am allowed to have and including some goodies in here or there to avoid those dreaded pig outs of the almonds or coconut chips where I just end up dreading myself. (Also, my 'fuck it' snack are still full of nutrients, not processed crap) FYI this post is not about giving you permission to eat a snickers bar or anything of the like, I am still #JERFing (Just Eat Real Food) and have a sugar free life, but I'm rather saying that i will stop shaming some of the foods that are 100% fine to include like paleo bread, cakes/treats made with fructose free sweetener, coconut flour, berries. I actually find that if I include things that I usually pig out on (nuts, coconut chips) into meals regularly, then I won't over eat them as much as when I just eat them straight. Any self hate you have for your body isn't going to help you create the body of your dreams either. I mean that's the real irony of it all. The stress from thinking your 'fat' causes your cortisol to rise and this signals to your body that your life is in danger....the result? Cortisol tells every cell of your body that food is scarce, another of its roles is to slow down your metabolic rate. A slower metabolism leads you to burn body fat for energy more slowly than you have in the past, as cortisol is designed to make sure that you survive this perceived period of famine. So even if you are eating less and thinking that will's actually not going to. It will think that you are in a famine, and hold onto extra weight for protection. So KEEP EATING!! And like Jessica Sepel says 'give up diets for a healthy life' .... you won't be glowing with health if you are depriving yourself! And like Jason Walchob says in his book, sometimes what people think is 'bad luck' is actually the best luck out of something that could have been a million times worse. AND there is a lesson in everything. The lesson for me while I was shitting my guts out with a fever and the shakes? Create more 'fun' food, and include more 'fuck it' meals. Rant over + 'fuck it' recipes to come!!