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Information My Byron Bay real food guide + more

Naked treaties – I had the green bowl with the tahini dressing on the side. So delicious, however the vegetables were a bit hard to chop in the bowl! Nevertheless, I devoured it. I had it with the tahini dressing on the side so I could add my own amount which I prefer to do always, as I prefer less dressing than more (just personal preference). My sister got the raw nachos which looked amazing and was however she said there was a lot of avocado and not much else which was unfortunate. Some more of the walnut mince and housemate ‘chips’ would have been epic. Will be back there again that’s for sure! Rae’s on Wategoes – Where to begin?! Firstly, the setting of this incredible, intimate and chic restaurant is picture perfect and when accompanied with such nourishing, real food you just cannot go wrong. The service was fantastic and I asked for my dish to be dairy and gluten free which they did without a single fuss! (It was already the sugar free option). This was tick number 1! My brother is anaphylactic to pistachios and they were very accommodating to also making all 5 of our dishes nut free. Tick number 2! My complimentary hors d’oeuvre was made gluten and dairy free (the others had the little dollop of cream) which I was so grateful for! I had some mixed olives for starters which were so full of flavour followed by their catch of the day (which was snapper), upland cress, caponata, silicon olive,
lemon, pistachio crumble (none of this though because of my brothers nut allergy). It was the most perfect ‘me’ meal ever. All I ever want when I go out for a beautiful meal is a fresh piece of fish, some vegetables and olive oil and holy guacamole they hit the spot!! I devoured the whole dish, plus some sides of greens which was shared with the table (cause you know me…I can never have too many veggies!). It’s always a good sign when I leave a place with a happy tummy (because my constantly clean diet means I have a very sensitive stomach) and this was another 11/10 feed from the amazing Byron Bay…I seriously think I’ll be getting married here. I am so in my zone; meditation, yoga, beautiful food, beautiful people, sun, wavy hair and early nights. What more do you need in life? Folk – Wow this humble little place is the perfect sanctuary for breakfast. Located walking distance just outside of Byron Bay, you can find this small, perfect breakfast spot that screams good vibes, happy people and fresh, local produce. With such down to earth staff and amazing interiors, it’s hard not to enjoy your visit. I ordered the organic poached eggs on sourdough (without the sourdough) served with miso sweet potato, a silver beet and mint pesto and garden greens. Absolutely amazing flavours – the sweet potato was delicious and I quite literally could have licked the plate. You could honestly taste the
llove in the food and the freshness in the beautiful little poachies. My dad got the sourdough with his meal and it looked fricken epic I have to say - such a huge chunky piece of fresh looking bread - so if you’re able to eat bread…then I seriously would not skip this opportunity. Coffee was actually from Dukes roasters in Melbourne so it was a familiar coffee - so it was smooth and beautiful. Their almond and cashew milk is made in house (in fact I saw a staff member making it with her very hands) so you can just imagine how good everything is for your insides. Side point: One of the chef’s came over to our table to inform us that their kitchen does contain traces of nuts in everything (for my brothers allergy) which was so considerate of her to do. Their kitchen is open for every customer to see the quality and care that they put into every meal. You cannot miss this spot and the perfect walking distance to and from Byron’s main shops. The Brokenhead coconut milk - This is a must buy and try item when you come to Byron. It is stocked in most health food stores - I got mine from Santo’s (across from Woolies), alternatively Green Garage have it. It is one of the only kinds of coconut milk that I have come across that has no added sugar. Obviously coconut milk has naturally occurring sugar from the sweetness of the coconut but the amount of fat that coconuts have stop you from OD-ing on sugar because
they are so filling. I made a raw Cacao and Turmeric iced coconut milk and it was amazinggggggg. I also splashed some into a Bayleaf coffee that I got takeaway, and again - amazing. It is SO CREAMY and REAL tasting. Byron Bay farmers markets (Thursday 8-11am) - Wow oh wow! This was such an epic display of the amazing produce from local famers. You can literally see the love radiating off the produce as families and friends grow such amazing things! From yellow zucchinis (I have actually never seen one with my own eyes before) to green squash to fully organic, grass fed, grass finished, no crap, so much love beef! Yep this beef was so pure and fresh ever I was like OMG I have to get some (and I’m not the biggest red meat fan). The taste of the vegetables that I bought and the realness in flavour make me somewhat concerned of the stuff I normally eat…. I bought this huge fat cucumber and the taste was unreal. Plus the freshest and most alive fresh rocket and spinach which I literally had to cut the roots off which I loved! I seriously wish that there were more little farmers markets around Melbourne and other cities because I feel like people might actually start to appreciate their food and waste less of it if they saw the families that put their heart and soul into growing it and when they can taste the love in every bite.
Halcyon House - We stopped at this Hampton inspired boutique hotel on our way to Brisbane airport for a coffee and to have a good old sticky beak at the amazing fit out. The menu for their restaurant, Paper Daisy sounds fresh and JERF worthy! Think grilled fish and ‘plants’ or some poached chicken with artichokes, mushrooms and sunflower seeds. They even have cheese platters for your sugar-free alternative to desert! This is definitely a must-try for my next trip. Places that I didn’t have a good experience at... The Mez Club - A new restaurant and bar that has opened up just near Bayleaf cafe with a cool fit out and laid back vibes ended up being a bit disappointing. Although they had only been open for a week, service wasn’t up to scratch as our waiter was not very accommodating and didn’t know what some of the menu items meant. Plus, after informing our waiter and the manager of the nut allergy on our table, food came out with nuts on top. When I asked for plain steamed green beans, it came out with feta, red onion and other bits and pieces on top and they ended up costing $14 for quite literally 5 beans! Not to mention our dips that we ordered first, took over an hour to come out and came out after the mains that we had ordered! Portion sizes were tiny (especially the pizzas) and we never ended up getting our sweet potato chips. Additionally, the lack of lights meant that we were using our phones to try and see what we were eating. Maybe we were just unlucky, but the bill was a fortune and after giving our feedback, they at least cut out bill in half. Nevertheless, there are definitely better food spots in Byron to eat a good, real big feed from and with fantastic service. For example…Rae’s on Wategoes. It may be slightly pricer - but trust me the extra few bucks is SO worth it when you receive ridiculous food, incredible service and an amazing atmosphere. (Just make sure you book because it is busy for a reason!)