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How you should buy your meat

Turns out, animals sometimes have to be grain finished because there is simply no grass left in the season and killing an animal too young would be very unethical and taking them elsewhere for more grass has a negative environmental effect. When in doubt buy organic because, if you can afford it, you have an ethical and moral obligation to help the market have more demand for organic meat. If you can’t afford it - that’s okay.

My research shows that beef actually only absorbs 1-3% of the omega 6s found in any grains so having grain finished beef isn’t much of a problem. However, omnivores like pigs absorb about 70% of the omega 6s found in grains so always have grass fed and finished /organic pork. This is the same for chickens and eggs -always organic. Fish - same deal. This is vitally important for fish, as farmed fish that isn't wild caught contains very high levels of omega 6 fats which are detrimental to our genes and DNA. Always ensure that your fish is wild caught or don’t buy it.Here are some fantastic brands of wild caught canned fish and check out the Sustainable Seafood Guide to check and see if the fish that you are eating is actually wild or farmed.

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