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For the youngsters (including moi): How to eat less sugar and still stay social and 'cool'

In case you don’t know - food cannot always cure disease, but it can ALWAYS prevent disease.
It’s pretty shi**y to say the least that somehow society has deemed it kinda ‘uncool’ to be healthy and your friends and roommates makes those snarky comments like ‘you’re so healthy’, ‘ooh here she comes with her organic shopping’, or the ‘you are totally judging me for eating this chocolate bar’ - like no I’m not! Who am I to judge you for eating chocolate. If you want to eat chocolate, then you go for it! But I’m allowed and honoured to treat my body how it wants and deserves to be treated. I am here on this earth and I want to look after myself. My body works its ass off to keep my alive, so it’s nice of me to help it along the way. Am I right?!
TBH I don’t even like the word ‘healthy’ because it places this connotation that you are annoying, fussy and a freak when actually you’re not even being “healthy” you’re just eating real food that our bodies are made to eat. It’s just junk food shouldn’t be called junk food, because it’s not food. It’s a bunch of chemicals and preservatives to SEEM like food. But it's really just poison.
Despite you needing to shut out the haters and your mean girl and start living a true and authentic life that you LOVE, I’ve put together a few tips that will help you stay social and healthy.
  1. Have healthy snacks easily available. We are all about quick and convenient food (hence why young people tend to reach for the fast food). So stock your cupboard and fridge up with peeled boiled eggs, hummus, pre-cut veggie sticks, avocado, chopped veggies for the week and any other nutrient dense snacks. For main meals, try out some of my healthy versions of your not so healthy favourites in my eBook, Just Real Food or from my recipe section
  2. Establish a healthy relationship with your body. I know you probs hear this one time and time again, but it is so important to realise that you must love your body! If you love your body, you will have a much better time sticking to a healthy lifestyle because you value and care about what you shove in your gob.
  3. Educate yourself. We are at an age where if someone tells us to do something - we will do the opposite. So do some reading for yourself and figure our the damaging effects of sugar and learn to read the food labels to find the crap.
  4. Show you friends that you don’t need to get slammed on vodka cruisers in order to have fun! (and stick to the clear spirits and soda water for a sugar-free option)
  5. Eat a big meal before you go out with friends so if there aren’t any healthy options, you aren’t so starving that you’ll end up reaching for the crap
  6. Learn to love to cook and love your spices! I put spices in everything and on everything and this has totally transformed the way I cook. You can take your veggies from zero to hero when you learn some good spice combos - so get on Pinterest and search ‘spice chart’ and you’ll be swamped (in a good way) with ideas.
  7. Show your friends how AWESOME AND EPIC life is without sugar and JERFing!!! just a heads up, that sometimes people are quite literally just jealous of the fact that you have so much self-control. So any criticisms I just take as a compliment ?