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Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide
It can be so difficult to buy Christmas presents right?? You don’t know if they’re going to love it or hate it, and you want to buy your loved ones something that they can really get some use out of.. Well, this year I have put together the ultimate Christmas Gift Guide with some of my absolute FAVOURITE products, which a lot of you have been asking about anyway. You could even leave this list somewhere at home in the hopes that someone else might see it and get some hints! Click the links below to shop some of my most-loved products! xx
  1. Krystle Knight Earrings – $99.00 - you guys always ask me about my earrings and so here they are!
  2. Vitamix - perfect for the warmer months to make delicious smoothies
  3. Healthie Hamper - from $99.00 - the ultimate way to #givethegiftofhealth
  4. Holy Mountain Glow - $44.00
  5. Turning Off Your Period Problems Program - $497
  6. Sol Cup - $29.99
  7. Victoria Secret Bra - $41.68 - you'll usually find me wearing this during one of my Insta stories
  8. Spell dress - $199.00
  9. Dot cup - $32.00
  10. Babs Shimmer Body Oil - $35.00