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Can bone broth reduce wrinkles and cellulite?

The health of your joints depends on the collagen in your ligaments, tendons and the ends of your bones and whilst people used to eat soup and stock made from bones all the time, it isn't so much the case anymore ... and it's showing as we limp into doctors surgeries with sore backs, knees, and fingers and they just supply us with prescriptions and surgeries. Collagen a family of biomolecules which include the molecules called glucosaminoglycans which keep out joints healthy. You can supplement with glucosamine, which is one of the members of the glucosaminoglycan family and it passes through your body intact and once it gets to the bloodstream it somehow knows to go straight to your cartilage. What's even more epic is that glucosamine can stimulate the growth of new healthy collagen to help repair damaged joints. Collagen isn't just in your joints though, it's in your bones, skin, arteries and your hair and everywhere in between. So, a glucosaminine-rich broth is kinda like a youth serum which has the ability to rejuvenate your body no matter what your age. But the ability for collagen to stand up to the law of gravity, depends on the elastin in your skin. When we develop wrinkles, it's mostly because our elastin has sprung and when we have healthy amounts of elastin in our bodies, we are able to look younger than we are. Although this sounds pretty damn good, there is a downfall....since it is supposed to be made to last, it doesn't make much after puberty. It can only be made when it is hanging out in a pool of hormones and growth factors. So drink up while you're young! The highest quality skin products contain collagen nutrients, so why not feed your skin from the inside out? If skin cream that costs $100 can help your skin boost its collagen, why not make bone broth for $7 at home that would also supply your body with dozens of growth factors. The nutrients in the bone broth actually start to switch the collagen growth factors 'on' so your body will start making more collagen naturally. Shoving cream on your skin won't cut it. But make sure you're doing this in conjunction with cutting all sugars and vegetable oils out of your diet. This combination of the two most deadly things creates chronic inflammation and affects the collagen in your body, making you seem older than you are. Collagen doesn't come from genetics and you must actually eat it in order to get the benefits. Cellulite: Although there is no direct study between bone broth and a reduction in cellulite, there are plenty of reasons to suggest how it can reduce cellulite. Most people think that cellulite comes from putting on weight but actually, it can also come from the lumpy irregular cellulite that forms in fat depositions that lack adequate connective tissue to support a smooth shape. The connective tissue is distributed throughout fat tissues, including cellulite and cellulite comes from that fact that it contains less of the supportive collagen structure that helps to keep the layer of fat organised and smooth. To get rid of cellulite, combine exercise with a diet high in healthy, natural fats including animal fat and collagen rich bone broth. This will send the message to your body to replace the fat pockets with smooth, toned curves. Much sexier ;)
Visual representation of skin changes over a lifetime and the way in which a lack of collagen and elastin results in wrinkles and indents in your skin like cellulite. Collagen in a way 'pushes your wrinkles and dimples out' to make the skin soft and smooth again.
  • Want softer joints? Drink bone broth and include more collagen in your diet
  • Want to reduce wrinkles? Drink bone broth and include more collagen in your diet
  • Want to reduce cellulite? Drink bone broth and include more collagen in your diet
  • To get all three....drink (you guessed it) bone broth, include more collagen and CUT OUT ALL SUGAR AND VEGETABLE OIL