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How men can help get your cycle on track and men not wanting to take the lead

How men can help get your cycle on track and men not wanting to take the lead
A super awaited episode that you do not want to miss. Some of what is covered:
  • How the stress response impacts your body
  • How pheromones impact your hormones
  • Knowing your date of ovulation
  • How men impact your fertility levels
  • Reasons why men are not wanting to take the lead
  • Loving boundaries and speaking your truth
  • How you can help men take the lead in your relationship
  • Ways that we shut men down and how emasculating men shuts off the polarity
  • Releasing wounding around men and feeling safe enough NOT to be in control
AND a few of the chicken nuggets + a sneak peek into the episode… ⚡️ When you have a lot of cortisol released, it is going to f*ck your hormones and your sex drive. ⚡️ You do not have to choose just one version of yourself. Part of being a woman is loving and appreciating all the different sides of yourself. ⚡️ Knowing the date of your ovulation is CRUCIAL especially if you are wanting to fall preggers in the future. ⚡️ Orgasms reduce stress and help to regulate your hormones. It circulates energy around your womb space and ovaries, cervix, vagina. ⚡️ Feeling sexy makes you feel high vibe and your hormones are thus way better because you have more serotonin and dopamine. ⚡️ It is your responsibility to speak your truth + create boundaries for your worth and desires. ⚡️ You deserve a king AND we are all humans that make mistakes. ⚡️ Men remember positive feedback and will continue to do what you complimented them on; critiquing them in a harsh way shuts them down and makes them feel emasculated.