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8 ways to celebrate & avoid the bloat these holidays

This is without a question my most favourite time of the year. I’m just a sucker for Christmas and all the decorations, food and good parties however between late nights, boozy nights and filling up on those dishes you’ve been waiting 364 days for (hello sugar filled Christmas puddings), it can definitely make your gut a little less than happy; and ain’t nobody got time for a bloated tummy. Here, I dive into how to avoid that, CRAP feeling while still LIVIN’ IT UP and having some booze. Don’t go to a party hungry - you'll end up being starving and reaching for the not-so-nice options causing an upset tummy because you’re not used to them. Although wine has less sugar than Champagne, let's be honest - Champagne is always served at parties and just a common drink for parties. However, it adds up in the sugar department and the bubbles will start bubbling’ away in your tummy (most likely leading to some nastay gas. Am I right?). So once you’ve had your ‘welcome glass’ of champers, opt for clear spirits with soda water instead. (OR WATER!!!! ‘cause alcohol still contains those dreaded empty calories) . And remember that having a bit too much booze can lead us to make some not-so-ideal choices in the food department. You’ll be much more likely to reach for the chocolate cake then the cucumber sticks. Eat slowly (if possible). This will help your digestion and reduce post-meal bloating cause no one wants to be walking around looking 8 months pregnant when you’ve actually just eaten too much pie Have a walk between one meal and the next to try and give your stomach a little break Drink apple cider vinegar before meals and if you are feeling a bit bloated then after meals too. This shit is the bomb. It rescues me in any situation. Say 'no' to a sugar filled dessert. Let’s be real here - you’ll just feel crap after and the next day so offer to BYO sugar-free dessert to share or go for the cheese platter. Avoid dipping sauces- MAJOR NO GO ZONE! These are usually covered in sugar and bad oils and will wreak havoc on your stomach and liver. Stay hydrated with water before and after meals - sometimes you aren't hungry - you’re just thirsty! REMEMBER, don’t beat yourself up because you’ve had a slice of mum’s cake. It’s Christmas after all! Just choose your treats mindfully and stick to things you know that you will really enjoy and then just pull yourself back again. These special occasions are just that - SPECIAL! If you want a glass of champagne as part of the celebration then I say GO FOR IT! I’m not one for being OTT around special times, it's just about being aware. Hell - you’ll see me having a few treats on my Birthday ? Also, remember to always offer to BYO plate of food to share to help the host out! My new eBook, 'Christmas' has recipes that even the boys will love and they’re all totally safe options. Safe partying people xx ​