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The Ultimate Foodie Guide to Melbourne

There’s no doubt that Melbourne seriously aces the food scene. I travelled for 7 months around the world and all I wanted was to come home and have poached eggs that WERE NOT overcooked and a breakfast salad that actually existed. How hard is it to poach eggs people? Seriously. Anyway, point is, that once I find my fave places to eat-there’s really no going back. I mean who wants to leave a beautiful breakfast/lunch/dinner with a sore tummy?! NOT ME!!!
And trust me guys, if I can survive these places (DF, GF, SF), then most people will be able to.
  1. Left Field. There are no words to describe Ryan’s talent in the kitchen. He cooks using REAL ingredients and will tweak meals for ANY food requests, even FODMAPS. Oh and he uses olive oil/coconut oil - none of that Canola crap (thank god). Get yourself the sautéed greens and thank me later
  2. High Society- this place as a seriously extensive menu where everything is served on GIANT plates and they pride themselves of using the best quality ingredients to create healthy dishes…. and they only use olive oil! WEW! Get the sautéed greens without the toast plus an extra egg or the cumin roasted pumpkin dish and you are in for some serious enjoyment!
  3. Serotonin. Nutrition bomb or my fave is a DIY breakfast bowl with all the goods- kale, broccolini, sauerkraut, eggs, avocado, chilli. But beware, there’s no meat on their menu. However, it’s a great breakfast spot.
  4. Little Big Sugar Salt. Okay so not in the nicest of areas, and a little bit hard to see from the outside, but there are seriously #Byron vibes in that house-turned cafe. Not only is their menu wording hilarious (get their 'bowl of health' with an extra poached egg), but they offer delicious big side dishes you can share with friends. Get the thyme and hazelnut mushrooms and the zoodles. Left here with a happy AF tummy so you can trust me when I say these guys use the GOOD food
  5. MOM Cafe. An AMAZING healthy cafe in Prahran that serves up the most delicious breakfast and lunch. Their turkey chipolatas are TO. DIE. FOR. not to mention the kale pesto. Seriously next level. It's a little more pricey than the usual breakfast out but that is because of the quality ingredients that they use. No nasty oils and no gluten!
  6. Cecconi's: Have a special event? Come here. I do! Why? because I can trust them. They get my whole SF, DF, GF and there is nill judgement there plus they dish up a plate that is as delicious as it looks and my tummy is one happy chappy! I will usually get their fish dish and ensure that is it DF and GF (so usually it is a white fish with some vegetables). Plus I get a bowl of steamed green beans with JUST olive oil. Nothing else. The kitchen and floor staff are wonderful - it may be a little pricier but not for the food and service you receive.
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