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5 reasons why I have given up caffeine

  1. Your blood sugar increases. Caffeine sends a message to the pituitary gland in your brain that you are in danger. Therefore a message is sent to your adrenal glands to make a stress hormone, adrenalin and/or cortisol. When adrenalin is released, your blood sugar increases to provide your body with more energy to escape from the danger that you body perceives is occurring. Your blood sugar and pulse will continue to rise to provide maximum oxygen to your muscles, reading to fight or run.
  2. The reproductive system is compromised. The reproductive system will have less energy sent to them are they are deemed not essential for survival and the world isn’t a safe place to have a baby anyway cause there is danger.
  3. You can’t concentrate. The production of adrenalin is the result of real or perceived stress or simply by caffeine. Caffeine via the stress hormones and then combined with the signal to activate your fight-or-flight (PNS) response, fires you up. Once you are all FIRED UP, there is little or no hope of you being calm, entered and able to focus on any tasks or instructions that are being given to you for example by your partner or at school/uni.
  4. Forget nice hair, skin and nails! Let alone making babies. Additionally, this biochemical state puts all of your body resources into saving your life rather than the non-vital processes of nourishing your hair, skin and nails. Oh, and your baby makers!Isn’t it interesting that with all this increased stress and caffeine consumption, there has been a fall in fertility and just about every second person struggles to have a baby?? I mean, since going off the pill I haven’t gotten my period in nearly 9 months and my diet is perfect, par the stress and coffee (another reason why I chose to quit).
  5. Your sugar cravings will only get worse. Your sugar cravings also won’t subside if you are consuming caffeine. This is because the fuel that drives the fight-or-flight response is glucose (“sugar”), so you will crave sugar to constantly refill your fuel tank and you won’t being using your fat stores as often as you could. More so, you will release insulin (a fat storage hormone) and it will convert any leftover glucose into body fat
Here are some low caffeine options that I now choose over coffee. One that isn’t listed that I’m now always reaching for at home is my bone broth Picture from Dr Libby’s book ‘Women’s Wellness Wisdom’