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4 things you NEED to do to stay healthy at uni/work

I have definitely found over time that uni/school/work can result in me eating more food when I come home and you can read about how I have tackled this here. BUT I have also ensured that I follow these 3 steps to prepare me for a healthy day at uni.
  1. Pack enough food. Don't get skimpy and for god sakes DO NOT pack only a small lunch so you think you'll eat less during the day (in an attempt to lose weight- that's stupid)....has that actually ever worked? When I used to do that, I would just come home and binge eat because I would be so starving. I always cook extra veggies at dinner the night before and then pack my lunch as I am making my dinner. Recipes that are perfect to carry as lunch: My Sushi Bowl My breakfast salad (you can swap the eggs for some chicken or other meat) My meatballs and crunchy slaw with tahini dressing Israeli Meatball Bowl Detox Salad
  2. Prepare snacks if you are a snack person. Whilst, I prefer to advocate for 3 big meals each day as it is better for your digestive system and metabolism if you are hungry and need a snack, eat the fucking snack of you'll binge later. Great snacks are veggie sticks and pesto or veggie sticks and some of my tahini dip. Alternatively, you can go for my sweet options which are still hella-healthy and full of good fats.
  3. ALWAYS meal plan! We make about 35, 000 decisions each day and whilst you might think 'no way', we actually do. From what underwear to choose, to whether or not to get into bed, to what to make for dinner. By creating a meal plan at the beginning of each week, you are setting yourself up for success. I find, that by already choosing my meals (especially for dinner) in advance, I am less likely to choose something more convenient and more likely to choose something healthy and nutrient dense!
  4. From your meal plan, spend 1-2 hours in the kitchen on the weekend to do some food prep. This is a make or break situation. By doing meal prep, you are able to come home and throw your already chopped veggies in the oven or pan, and save time. By not having your veggies already chopped, you may turn to something easier like toast and PB. Additionally, I like to make part of my meals and freeze them. Great freezer meals include meatballs and Spag bol and meals that can be reduced in time by doing the prep before hand are here