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3 ways that yoga has improved my relationships with myself

When you care are about your body, you want to know where your food came from, how it was treated and the quality of life it had. The only reasons I believe that we have had to start being so obsessive and questionable about our food is because of the influx of pesticides, grain fed meat, fish farming, the increase of sugar and of course, vegetable oils. This is causing people to have bad relationships with food (including me, at once stage), but Yoga has helped me to release tension surrounding food, eat more mindfully and overall benefit my relationship with myself. But it isn't just the worrying of food... people are spending so much time on how they look that they are FORGETTING THE REAL MEANING OF BEAUTY AND THE BEAUTY WITHIN THEM. Everyone is different, and everyone is beautiful in their own way and I truly believe that a person is their most beautiful and sexy when they think they are beautiful and sexy. Having inner confidence and being happy with yourself shines are like a beam of light, and it brings joy to the world. Just think about it; if everyone you know loved themselves and especially their bodies think of how HAPPY your environment would become. There would be constant positivity, inspiration and love. Instead, we have created a society when young girls are going on diets before they even finish school, drinking coffee to suppress hunger and grabbing their 'fat' thighs. Drugs have become more prevalent than ever before and alcohol is used to sometimes suppress feelings. And I believe this is all due to a LACK OF SELF LOVE in the world.
I notice an immediate difference in my thought process around my body and myself when I haven't been practising yoga as frequently as I do. Not only am I not as mindful around my food, but I also tend to have more negative thoughts.
Yoga increases the oxygen to the brain, helping you to lower cortisol and put yourself in a state of relaxation. In this state, you are better able to think clearly and consciously and without your mean girl (that voice inside your head). By entering a state of consciousness, you are able to catch yourself if your negative self-talk pops up - and silence her. During this time, you are practising loving yourself move and paying attention to your body, which you will carry out into your day. Throughout Yoga, you are connecting your mind to the movements that you are performing and through this, you achieve mind-body connection. You are able to focus on your body, how it feels, moves and stretches and this is carried through your body where you are able to 'check in' with yourself. This practice improves my mindful eating and as I connect to my strong, healthy body, I feel at ease, happy and beautiful. Yoga encourages you to ask yourself questions, are you breathing fully? Are you balanced? Can you soften a pose and be kinder to yourself? All these questions can lead to breakthroughs later in your day like 'why are you eating right now?'. It is because you're hungry or board? ... How can you be more loving and kind to yourself when you stand in front of the mirror as you get out of the shower at night? Keep these questions open ended, and like your talking to the 5-year-old version of yourself. Having a negative perception of yourself is usually the result of disconnect. The mind begins to spin when it isn't connected with your body, comparing your thighs to models, counting calories from lunch or finding something to complain about in the mirror, instead of being grateful for what you have. When you really become present in yoga, these thoughts slow down and without even realising it, they are gone and you are focusing on your practice. It's truly amazing. Yoga isn't about hard, fast and 'perfect' movements like some HIIT classes or boxing. Instead, it is about fun. Switching up poses, trying new things - that's what yoga is about. When you adopt this practice, you will find those stressful situations are no longer stressful, and you are able to lighten up your attitude. Overall, when I am practising yoga, moving and stretching my body, I feel strong, sexy and beautiful. If you want to heal your relationship with food, also try using some of my positive affirmation cards! Just download, print and stick them in your fridge and pantry!