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23 Questions With The Ace Collective

23 Questions With The Ace Collective

I had the pleasure of being interview by the ladies at The Ace Collective. Here's 23 things you might not know about me! Read the full article and check out The Ace Collective here!

What is your role within your organization?

Monica: CEO. Modern life & feminine embodiment coach, trauma healer, witch and teacher.

Why is this work important to you?

Monica: Because it’s my life’s mission. I don’t have a shadow of a doubt that I was incarnated on this planet to help these women in the way that I do. My work is holistic, profound and honestly so different to anything else on the market.

What is real for you right now?

Monica: I realized that despite living in a pandemic, and the fact I had a beautiful house in London, I knew I needed to move and that my soul wasn’t happy feeling so confined. So, I took the leap (which felt like a very big leap with everything going on in the world right now). I have put all my belongings in storage and have decided to go to Mexico where I will feel free and my soul will feel alive. I know this will help me to continue to expand and quantum leap as I was feeling a little bit stagnant in my business because I thrive off change and travel (I am a double Sagittarius after all).

It’s hard to leave people behind in London, but I know that the people meant to be in my life will be reunited. I’m also not worried because I have so much faith in the universe and have been shown time and time again that miracles are all around me — and i'm a really powerful manifestor.

2020/21 has been such an emotional up and down year and I knew I needed to be somewhere that I felt grounded and expanded in my soul, especially as it’s now hitting 18 months since I’ve seen my best friends and closest family members.

When do you feel most alive?

Monica: When I’m skiing, flying somewhere exciting, driving up the mountains to a ski resort, speaking at my events, on a romantic and fun trip away, and walking down the streets of NYC.

Who's one person that's changed your life?

Monica: I mean so many people have so I feel like I need a specific ‘way’ in which they’ve changed my life in order to answer with just one person lol. If I could choose someone recently, I’d choose my dog (I know it’s not a person) but he’s brought so much love and light into my life during 2020 when it was getting hard for me. I have so many amazing people around me I don’t feel like I can pick just one!

What's the greatest gift we can give each other?

Monica: Presence, love and depth (sorry that’s 3 lol).

What's the greatest gift we can give ourselves?

Monica: .Space and time to be.

If you could snap your fingers and go for tea with anyone, who would it be?

Monica: My mum or best friend because I haven’t seen them in over a year.

What's your worst habit?

Monica: I have zero patience.

What's the biggest lesson you've learned through failure?

Monica: That it’s not failure.

Where do you find peace?

Monica: In the mountains.

Where is your favourite place to visit?

Monica: Colorado, Paris and NY (although I should be living in colorado and NY).

What's your favourite quote or mantra?

Monica: My words are my spells.

If you could choose to have any super-power, what would it be?

Monica: To astral travel to where I want to be at that moment!

Who are your ' 5 people ' you spend the most time with?

Monica: It’s been a bit hard with COVID in London! Usually best friends and my team.

You have a bonus $1,000 to spend, what do you spend it on?

Monica: Man this is hard. Probably a ski trip! Because it’s where I feel the most connected to my gifts.

What do you wish you could invent?

Monica: Something that would type out my thoughts.

You're sending yourself a love letter to future you in 2030, what does it say?

Monica: You always knew everything worked out, I mean look at your fucking life! You knew he was the man, and look how easy, amazing, fun and sexy your relationship is. Your two kids are a DREAM BOAT and as you always knew, you’ve built an empire. Your life is smooth, flowing and easy.

Monica, you have made everything that you wanted. You are changing more lives than you have ever even imagined and the love in your life has made up for all the moments that you worried it wouldn’t exist. You are one in a million and I hope you look at yourself every day and cry tears of joy. You created all of this and look at how many f*cking people you are supporting!

You didn’t even know you’d get this big (well that Psychic did ;) ), yet here you are. From your 24 year old self … I love you and you are such a fucking queen. Also god damn, you beam.

What's your morning routine?

Monica: It varies every morning because I live so deeply in practice with my feminine desires. It can include a walk, pilates (this is every morning unless i’m sick), reading, journaling, meditation, cuddling Jelly (always), sex, bath, hair, makeup.

When do you feel most beautiful?

Monica: Wearing beautiful lingerie, when my man looks deeply into my eyes and puts his hands on my waist, wearing a gorgeous outfit, having snowflakes on my eye lashes.

What makes you cry?

Monica: Gratitude for my life, the love in my heart, missing people, when my clients are free of their trauma and can think back to situations and not get triggered. When they start crying tears of joy I start crying. Skiing (LOLLLL). Feeling other people’s broken hearts.

What's one of the hardest moments you've overcome in your life? How?

Monica: Definitely 2020 and being so far away from home and feeling trapped. I haven’t cried that much in a year or had such low moments. Also before that, my ski accident. It put me in the hospital for 7 days over a Christmas vacation (which was shit) and I had to have a 7 hour surgery, followed by 3 more in the years later.

I was in a wheelchair for 3 months and had to learn how to walk again. It was the most mentally and emotionally challenging thing ever. It also made me SO grateful for my body.

Favourite piece of advice for us?

Monica: Be your own muse and your own inspiration. I don’t have someone I look up to. I have people that obviously inspire me (but it's often just components of their life). But my higher self is my inspiration. That version that I see in the near future. She is who inspires me.

Also, clear your trauma. Even if you think you don’t have any. You do. Being so free in your body will change your life, your business, your relationships etc. It makes everything easy.

How has community made an impact in your life?

Monica: Especially in 2020 it’s made me realize just how important it is for me to have a base with people that I know and love. Having people around you that have your back is priceless. It creates so much safety which allows you to feel safer and therefore live your dream life.