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2 tips for getting through exams

  1. Stress less - I know....easier said that done. If you are saying to yourself 'I don't have time to meditate' that a HELLA BIG sign that you need to meditate. Taking 10 minutes out of your day is nothing when it can improve your productivity and performance immensely. I will help you to stay present, retain information, and remain calm. Stress will only deplete your immune system and gut function, sending you into a downwards spiral so it is vital and that give you some down time to recharge. Because if you have a depleted battery, that isn't going to work very well!Making time to prepare your food in bulk also saves you time thinking of what to have in a meal, cooking it and stressing on the time that you've wasted by doing so. By having meals (or parts of meals) prepared beforehand, you are less likely to reach for a convenient unhealthy option that isn't going to help your body anyway. Check out my less than 20 mins recipe or these recipes are fast to prepare and you can go study while their cooking!
  2. Eat for your brain - Almost any food grown in a healthy environment is going to benefit your brain, but given that we live in an environment where the main threat comes from oxidative stress, you should load up on nutrients that are the most capable of preventing stress in your brains cells. These are:
    • omega 3 brain builders
      • raw flax seeds
      • chia seeds
      • walnuts
      • cream and butter
      • grass fed meat
      • oily fish that is wild caught
      • avocado
    • Omega 6 brain builders
      • egg yolks
      • cheese and butter (organic, grass fed)
      • activated/sprouted sunflower seeds
      • walnuts
      • edamame
    • Antioxidants:
      • colourful fresh vegetables
    • Vitamin E
      • raw or activated sunflower seeds
      • spinach
      • activated almonds
      • activated pistachios
      • avocado
      • broccoli
      • prawns and herring
    • The amino acid cysteine:
      • beef
      • lamb
      • chicken
      • pork
      • tuna
      • mussels
      • cheese
      • eggs
    • Vitamin C:
      • bell peppers
      • kale
      • kiwi
      • broccoli
      • strawberries
      • peas
      • tomatoes