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194: Where are all the good men? B!tch, they're around me! (Quit emasculating)

194: Where are all the good men? B!tch, they're around me! (Quit emasculating)


This is a juicy episode I recorded with Lee NotO. We chat about:

The breakdown of what masculine armour and emasculation is, and the impact of both

How to dance between the masculine and feminine

Understanding biology and the nervous system to receive freedom and grace in your life

Permission to stop being a fucking man and let men be men

Examples of how to communicate with men to get what you want

Chicken nuggets

Women wear this masculine armour because they're not living their truth

What drives me up the wall is that everyone is trying to be very fucking political correct and I'm so over it. And a result of this political correctness, is women don't acknowledge their own unhappiness. They're like "I want to be a go-getter, I want to be a hustler" and I'm like, no you fucking don't bitch. I used to say the exact same thing, but once you have happiness in being in your feminine you'll realise you'll never go back to this shit.

Physically for women, the result of being in our hyper masculine is hormonal dysregulation,, infertility, burnout, constant exhaustion, skin issues, weight gain, the constant health issues that no one can understand. The other result of it is that women can't understand why their relationship is falling apart, or why they're unhappy, or the constant question of 'where are all the good men?' You've squashed them all. You're complaining 'where all the good men' but they're not around you because you emasculate them.

You need to learn how to communicate with men, because when you do this, you. get EVERYTHING you want.