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193: How understanding the opposite sex will help you get further in your career

193: How understanding the opposite sex will help you get further in your career
This is for feminine women. Women that are trying to be like men will probably be offended if you don't talk to them exactly like you talk to women… but for those softer women that enjoy being women… feeling safe by the men in your workplace will actually allow her to flourish. If she is constantly feeling on edge because she’s worried about men being ‘mean’ to her... it won’t create a supportive environment. And often when men are ‘mean’, they’re just being direct.
And just like women need to learn to change their communication slightly for men… men need to learn the same for women.
Communication differences in the way that we talk. We can perceive things totally different and we are very responsive to tone of voice. And a subtle tone can make us feel safe or unsafe (women). Men are more direct, which is fantastic, but to a woman, fluff it up a bit sometimes to create the feeling of ‘I’m looked after by this man’, rather than ‘I’m not good enough for this man’.
What drives the opposite sex. Purpose, power, leadership, support, validation, attention, communication. Women are driven by intimacy, connection and attention/validation. Men are driven by purpose, power and leadership. There is nothing wrong with that, it’s just the way we are biologically… so let's work with it.
The feminine is going to feel more supported if they can have more time with their children/family, if aesthetics are taken into consideration at the office, if they can get sunlight on their skin and have connection with work drinks.
The masculine will feel supported having clear goals, direction and leadership tasks that are given to him.
We both have these needs within us and depending on our ratio of masculine/ feminine and the current stage of our life that we are in, it will influence how much of each we need/want.
By knowing this about your co-workers it's going to help you relate to them and vice versus. f you understand men (as a woman) you will feel like you know what he’s meaning when he’s communicating and you’ll also be able to communicate better with him in meetings. And vice versus. Knowing how to communicate with a female co-worker is going to give you better results as a business man.