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187: The energy of expansion

187: The energy of expansion


What is expansion? It's the energy in your body where you feel like your awareness, your opportunities and your life is getting bigger and expanding. When you have a new experience, you are expanding your body. When you step out of your comfort zone, you are expanding your nervous system. When you experience new emotions or new amounts of love and receivership, it's expansion. You'll feel it in your body. It'll feel new and uncomfortable, but it won't feel contractive.

When you let go of old realities, stories, an old version of you, that newness is scary because it's so unknown. Don't think expanding is always easy. There's always going to be a level of discomfort.

A little bit of fear is an important part of investing in yourself, because it tells you that you're about to reach a new level. You're about to step outside of your comfort zone. There's going to be an energetic shift which is going to allow you to be a match for higher vibrational things. And when you are in touch with the universe, you're always communicating to the universe with your thoughts and actions (or inactions). So when you take a leap and invest in the thing, you're saying I'm ready for this next level, I want this, I want to be in this energy, I'm trusting myself and vision.

What you can and can't afford is all in your mind. It's a matter of priorities and perspective. When you say that you can't pay for something that's going to benefit you and your health (mental, physical and emotional), what you're saying is my health is not a high priority.

You're constantly communicating with the universe with your actions and inactions, so it's very important that your actions are lining up with what you want. So if you're wanting a high quality man or women, but you're tolerating excuses for low-quality behaviour, what do you think you're going to get? It's simple. So on this note it should be a priority of yours to figure out and get rid of your money/ relationship/ love/ communication/ business blocks.

The law of action is really important piece when it comes to the energetics of expansion. You have to need to be taking inspired, aligned action.

Cheap behaviour attracts cheap situations. It's an energy thing, not an action. You can poor and greedy, you can be rich and greedy. Check this within yourself.

The importance of investing in yourself is undeniable. As a very basic example, if you're not spending time on yourself and looking after yourself, why do you think your friends are going to invest time in you? That energy is reciprocated and you need to be in the energy of what you want to receive. If you want to have friends that have integrity and treat you well... do you have integrity, do you treat yourself well?

If you're not taking scary leaps, don't expect to expand.