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184: The laws of the universe

184: The laws of the universe

This is an educational episode on the different laws of the universe.

It’s important that you’re embodying and understanding all of these laws.

These laws serve as a reminder to surrender to the flows of life and nature, rather than resisting and trying to make it perfect all the time.


The law of correspondence

Your outer world is nothing more than a reflection of your inner world. Whatever you believe on your inside is going to come true in your 3D reality. Embody, believe and anchor into positive feelings, things, beliefs, ideas, experiences, all that jazz. Our beliefs are going to mirror what’s going on outside of us. So for example, if you believe that all men are bad, you’re going to be proven this. If you believe you never have time for anything, you’re going to be shown this. There is only one thing you have control of and that’s the way you think. Everyone is living in their reality, and their reality is based off their inner beliefs. So if you want to be living an amazing reality, you better make your beliefs amazing. By supporting yourself to have good beliefs, supporting your energy, listening to your desires, investing in experiences, coaches and programs etc, you then allow yourself to change your beliefs so that you can shift the environment around you.

The law of attraction

This is pretty obvious, like attracts like, and it’s also about matching your energy to the energy of thing, person or situation that you want. People worry that if they’re not feeling the vibe one day that all their manifestations are going to go out the window but I want you to remember, you can still be manifesting things even if things aren’t going your way. The law of attraction is about becoming the energy that want to attract. So if you want to attract in a loving relationship, are you in a loving relationship with yourself? Do you treat others with love? Do you believe that you deserve love? You can use the law of attraction for romantic partners, friendships, jobs, money, dream house, you name it. Think of your brain as a magnet, what you think, you’re going to get. Just like gravity, this law is always in affect and is always working on your life. You are always in a state of creation. You are creating a reality in every moment of every day, whether your thoughts are conscious or subconscious. Which is why it’s so important to make sure your subconscious isn’t filled with shit!

The law of action

You must engage in action to support your thoughts. You have to do things and take the action to achieve your goals. Unless you take actions that are in line with what you are manifesting, how the hell do you expect to get results?! People always forget about the law of action.

The law of oneness

Everything is connected. How you act and what you say will affect the collective consciousness. This is why a lot of people are feeling the heaviness of everything happening these days, because we are connected to each other. As you become familiar with this law, you will realise that what you think each day is going to affect other people, and vice versa. It’s important that you’re surrounding yourself with people that you want to be in the vibe of.

The law of least effort

This law is based on that fact that natures intelligence focuses on things being effortless and abundant. Fish don’t try to swim, they just swim. Our heart doesn’t try to beat, it just beats. Flowers don’t try to grow, they just grow. Snow doesn’t try to fall, it just falls. You will find that when you let go of resistance and surrender, your manifestations will happen faster rather than if you’re pushing and creating effort.

The law of perpetual transmutation

All of us have the ability within us to change the conditions of our life simply by pivoting. Higher vibrations transmute lower vibrations. Therefore, when you’re in a higher vibrational state, it’s going to help transform lower vibrational energy. The energy of the universe is always flowing and this law tells us that energy is always in a state of motion. Remember that your manifestations are always in motion. The way that you spend and receive money, it’s always in motion. When you spend, you receive. When allow yourself to invest, you get more in return.

The law of cause and effect

Nothing happens by chance. There are no accidents. Everything has a reason, a reaction and a consequence.

The law of rhythm

Nature is seasonal and cyclical. Everything that is existing, it is doing so in dance. It is flowing, swaying, moving, growing, dying, it’s not stuck in one point of time.

The law of polarity

Everything has an opposite. Masculine and feminine. Hustle and flow. Hard and soft. There is duality. Things that appeal to the opposite are actually two inseparable parts of the same thing. Hot and cold seem opposite, but they’re actually on the same continuum and you can’t have one without the other, like hot and cold.

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