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183: Cacao & Convos with Rachel Hunt | Micro-manifestations, miracles and the energy of neutrality

183: Cacao & Convos with Rachel Hunt | Micro-manifestations, miracles and the energy of neutrality

This episode I recorded with Rachel Hunt and I had to re-share it because it’s so full of chicken nuggets.

We jam on:

My tips on how to lean into neutrality.

How you can get clear on your intentions and what you want to manifest, and then be cool, calm and collected and detached from the outcome.

How to tune into micro-manifestations and find gratitude in the every day, simple things.

Why environment is key, in order to expand your energy and become a match for those next-level things.

Why you should be open to the universe delivering your manifestations in ways you didn’t expect.


Manifestation and wealth frequency is multi dimensional. If you haven’t healed your trauma, that’s going to affect your manifestation ability. When you manifest, it’s an embodied experience. The energy of wealth, the energy of being rich, the energy of abundance, you feel that in your body. Yes you have the belief of ‘money is amazing’ and any other affirmations you have in your head, but you want to FEEL them.

The happier you are, the more you are going to attract things in. People get too focused on what they want, and they’re actually in scarcity because they’re constantly reaffirming that they don’t have it, instead of being in the energy of neutrality (aka not obsessing over it).

I believe that miracles are my birth right and they are so heavily available to me. The more you are in your feminine, the easier it’s going to be to let go because you’re used to surrendering all the time.

Here are my top tips on how to be in the energy of neutrality:

1) The deeper sense of connection you have to your intuition, the easier it’s going to be. You can FEEL when something is on it's way.

2) Seeing a psychic can be really helpful because someone has told you it’s going to happen and it’s ok to let go.

3) If I get it, great! And if I don’t, no one’s gonna die! It's not that if it doesn’t happen you’re going to die, it’s that you’re allowing space for something BETTER to happen. Think back to all the all the times you thought something wasn’t going your way, and then HOLY SHIT you realise it actually was and something better happened. Or the time you were late and then a miracle happened (like you avoided a car accident). Those hiccups in life are actually miracles. The universe is always supporting you, even if you mind is confused by it.

4) Don’t overdo the manifestation practices. You can get really attached and obsessed. Maybe don’t journal every morning. Switch it up! Dance, go for a run, do something that makes you feel good.

5) Even when you think it’s not working, it always is.

6) If you’ve done all that you can do, stop worrying about shit! It’s draining.

How can you expand your energy and change your environment to allow you to become a match for those next-level things?

If you are constantly staying in the same place and not pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone ,you’re becoming complacent in your environment which isn’t an attractive quality because you're not excited about that next-level. And it’s this excitement which attracts in new things without you even trying.

Don't let the too hard stop you from living your life. That 'too hard' is coming from a place of laziness. Especially when you know it's going to make you so happy. And sometimes, it's just new, and not 'too hard'. You just need to get resourceful.

As your energy shifts, your wealth frequency increases. This is because you begin having a new reality of your 'minimum'. And you begin absorbing the energy around you. This can be felt whenever you enter a room and either feel good or bad. Energy effects your frequency, and that's how you attract in more things that are in alignment with your desires.


Trust that the universe is delivering the thing that is the highest good to you.

I believe that miracles are my birth right and they are so heavily available to me.

Manifesting is for everyone. You're manifesting all the time!