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180: Cacao & Convos: Human Design with Livy Iasonos | How my gifts are written in the stars

180: Cacao & Convos: Human Design with Livy Iasonos | How my gifts are written in the stars

I'm so excited to welcome Livy Iasonos to the podcast today!

Livy is a Human Design Business Mentor. She is passionate about helping healers, coaches and space holders unlock their unique energetic imprint and grow their business in alignment with their Human Design.

With a natural and intuitive gift of reading Human Design charts, she acts as a mirror for her clients to identify what is already sewn into their soul - exploring their core mission, natural role as entrepreneurs and how they are uniquely designed to prosper in their business.

New paradigm soul-led business is her calling after suffering burnout and bitterness in the old structures and hierarchies as a corporate lawyer.

Born in the life theme of confrontation, she will hold a nurturing but confrontational space challenging her clients to see where they are out of alignment and not trusting in their innate gifts and strengths as solopreneurs. Her business is helping her client’s business flourish.

Website: IG: @i_am_livy_


Episode 180:

This is going to be a juicy one. Brace yourself, because you're about to learn a LOT more about me. This is a BEAUTIFUL and super interesting episode which I hope inspires you to get your own human design reading with Livy. I would highly recommend booking a session with Livy. As she mentions at the end of this episode, she is going on maternity leave very soon so you'd need to jump on this and book this in before October. (I have a feeling a LOT of you are going to want a session with Livy after you listen to this episode!) Her energy, her vibe, her expertise, is simply beautiful. She's healing, educational, informative and I honestly did feel so light and accepted at the end of her reading.

I always knew this within me, but I hope this episode allows some of you to realise and recognise that my gifts for doing this job aren't just something I've made up on a whim. It's quite literally in my DNA, written in the stars and I was born here to do this.

Let's jump in...

Monica - what do you love about human design?

Livy - At it's most basic for me, it's permission to be yourself. Especially because I'd been trying for so long to be someone I wasn't for so long as a lawyer. This was the first modality that I'd come across that enabled me to start trusting myself and give me that sovereignty back. It helped me step into my individuality which is something I'd suppressed for so long. It's a big permission slip.

Monica - what is a misperception that people have about human design?

Livy - I think sometimes it can be quite limiting in terms of boxing you into certain categories, or you don't initially resonate with it, you can kind of reject it. We like to explore and give ourselves these labels, but sometimes if they don't quite fit, it can feel potentially a bit disempowering. Human design is very technical and unless you have a good analyst that can help you feel seen, it's sometimes not as empowering as it should be. People question the origins of it. It came as channeled information. If you're someone who's mind is rooted in logic, your perhaps not going to believe in it as a system. But it doesn't actually require belief, it just requires experimentation, which I think is really powerful. When we have our chart read or discover our human design, it's often stuff that we know to be true, intuitively, but it's so empowering when it's brought to the surface for us, so we can then embody and be in our sovereignty and individuality.

monica's human design reading:

You're a generator. In human design, we recognise 5 different energy types. What is means to be a generator is that you're a part of the population or what we call the sustainable life force that you are contributing to the world. You are here to achieve mastery in a field that you love. So what you bring as a generator is a sense of magnetism (when you're living in your design), an ability to raise vibration, you have what's called a warm, open and passionate aura that has so much value and is very captivating to others when you're in your truth.

When you're not in your truth in your generator, you tend to feel a sense of frustration, you feel heavy and stuck. I think that's important because part of the generators strategy is responding to life. It's not always about being in that initiating, masculine and fire-starting energy all the time. It's a more receptive and yin way of living where you're seeing what's going on around you, being open to synchrony, being open to signs, and seeing what the universe is drawing towards you in order for you to respond to. What response means is, do I have the available energy for this? With generators, it's usually very binary. It's either a HELL YES or a it's a no.

The generator is ruled by the sacral chakra. In human design, that's connected to the gut feeling. Are you trusting your gut feeling on things? Are you trusting that sense of 'this is exciting and I'm just going to follow it and put my energy towards it without even knowing the outcome'. That's so important, that our mind isn't attached to the outcome. Your just doing it for a sense of joy and satisfaction. And when you are in this energy, you magnetise in a really strong way because people are like 'wow, she's in her power'. A generator in their power is the most magnetic thing we can experience.

Part of your chart really ear marks you as somebody who is here to trust in and follow their own convictions. You've got this pathway of energy within you that's all about going your own way, being very individual and almost turning down the noise of other experts or whatever is going on in the collective, and actually being this role model for individuality that enables people to empowered because you are in your truth.

You're ear marked as somebody who's here to bring mutation and change and be a role model for other people. When we're centred, empowered and integrated within our own truth, that's how we inspire. That's what's making you the juicy, sparkling generator that you are.

If you're thinking about a purpose energy from a generators perspective, one thing is mastery. Part of your souls wishes in this lifetime is to master something, or become the master in your field of work trajectory.

One of your other core energies, is an intuitive ability to spot when things aren't right. It's like there's a voice speaks to you that shows you in the patterning of somebody exactly where things have gone wrong. It's spotting what needs to be fixed. Where in the timeline things have gone wrong. You're trusting in your intuition that's guiding you there.

In human design there are these 12 profiles and they speak to our public role, how we go about learning in the world and how we spread our light in the world. You're a 3 5. What it means to be a 3 5 is that people want to know a lot about your life and people live vicariously through your life.

People ear mark you as a saviour. It's something that just happens unconsciously. This is soul-type energy within your chart. You have an incredible ability to come up with innovative solutions to solve peoples problems. Your reach is meant to go far.

In the throat centre, two of the energies that are in your particular design will flavour the way you speak: leadership energy and the queen energy. It's that powerful voice that you have that is sovereign. People are listening to what the queen has to say. She's discerning with her words. She's here to educate us. That will happen in conversation with you, that energy will come out. A voice of an educator, a queen and leadership.

Looking at you from a purpose perspective, you are here to be selling a product, a truth, or a message in this lifetime, and it has to be something that you absolutely love. The more that you are doing that, the more you are going to be in your design, in your power and people are going to be magnetised towards you as a generator.