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179: Sex Life (Part 4) | Silent treatment, being honest with your desires, and shame vs. empowerment

179: Sex Life (Part 4) | Silent treatment, being honest with your desires, and shame vs. empowerment

Welcome to the last part of the Sex Life series. If you haven't listened to part 1, 2 & 3 do this first! Part 4 is all about episodes 7 & 8.


In this episode I cover:

☽ Why silent treatment is ineffective in relationships and can make things worse in your relationship

☽ Why space is important in relationships and how healthy space can actually bring you closer together

☽ How understanding your partner deep down can allow you to see the best in each other and allow for boundaries to be drawn

☽ Why we are addicted to our trauma and self sabotaging

☽ Importance of honesty with your partner on sexual desires

☽ Living in your truth with what your highest self wants

☽ Why spicing things up in the bedroom is very beneficial to your sex life and relationship

☽ Trauma bonds and why they're addictive


Every relationship needs effort. YES, this includes effort experimenting in the bedroom! It's important to allow the change.

You can be a sexual person and still not be comfortable in your sexuality, especially if your sexuality is under the influence of adrenaline (from something like a trauma bond).

The only way to effectively communicate your needs and values to make sure they're met in your relationships is if you are living in your truth and aligned with your needs and values.

Humans are sexual beings and want to feel desired.

If you want a partner to open up to you, you need to offer them a safe, non - judgemental environment for them to open up and express themselves.


Men experience trauma just like women do! Their trauma is typically through intimacy, validation, insecurity, masculinity and pressures from society.

We mold ourselves and change our truths based on “should’s”.

So many of us aren't honest with our true selves and desires.

Most of us get bored of the same sex routine over and over.