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175: The secret to success | Embracing seasons in business and stepping out of comfort zones

175: The secret to success | Embracing seasons in business and stepping out of comfort zones

I cut episode 174 slightly short and I still have a LOT of juicy stuff I want to say related to business and fear, so I thought I'd record part 2.


Also in this episode:

Stepping out of your comfort zone and the risk, failure and success that comes hand in hand

What led me to keep going, the energy of 'of course' and my NYC vision

Seasons in business and what to do when it feels like nothing is moving

The beauty of quantum leaping

Q+A time with all your juicy biz-related questions

What are times that you had to step outside of your comfort zone and what blocks did you overcome?

Moving out of home when I had no money was a HUGE step outside my comfort zone because I didn't have the security of living at home. I wanted this life that I dreamed of so fucking badly that I was willing to take the risk. Risking it and failing is more successful than never trying. If you never try, you never know.

How did you get through times when you felt like nothing was moving?

Girl, I know what you mean! The worst thing that you can do is resist these times. I would just move through them. I still have these moments and I see them as an opportunity to focus on something else.

Like I said before, NY is an intense city and time moves at the speed of light. I'd be lying if I told you business is the same for you living in NY. This is a new phase in my life where I'm spending a lot of time investing in my friendships and relationships and as a result of that I don't have as much time in my business. That doesn't mean that my business is failing. It means that it's a new season where a part of my ego can sometimes freak out a little bit (because it can feel like I'm not moving my business) but the reality is that I'm moving my life in the right direction.

I don't give a fuck if my business stands still for a little bit, or if it stays at the same level for a few months if it means that I'm having so much fun because I'm spending time with friends, relaxing on the weekends and dancing on tables until 2am. It's understanding that you're allowed to have a little bit of a winter season.

What is one thing you'd do differently?

I'd learn how to run a business from the get go and not have sacrificed my social life thinking thats what I had to do to get my business up and running, and burning myself out so many fucking times.

What is one of the challenges you went through?

A lack of friends and feeling isolated which can be really common having your own business. And that's why it's so important to invest time and effort into making friends.


Risking it and failing is more successful than never trying. If you never try, you never know.

If you continuously feel a desire and don't act on it, you are continuously perpetuating that you are not safe to step outside your comfort zone.

Here is the blog post I mentioned at the end of this episode!


I understand that running a business is fucking scary and I just want to preface that it's not for everyone.

Even when your business is making 7 multiple figures, your head is still on the chopping block. It's your baby, you're protective of it, you always want it to be growing and there will always be part of your ego being like why are people not signing up for my programs, what's going on, and it can cause a bit of stress. You need to have the tools to anchor back into what you know and your truth, and trust that it's all happening for a reason.

So for those of you that are sitting on the fence about joining BABA, you have to tune into your heart, your desires, you have to be led by your soul.

You have until Tuesday 27th July to join!