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173: The fundamentals of feminine energy | Receivership, pleasure and being magnetic AF in life & biz 

173: The fundamentals of feminine energy | Receivership, pleasure and being magnetic AF in life & biz 

Welcome to another juicy, fiery, delicious, chicken nugget filled episode for you guys. This episode is full of some fucking vibes with my friend Georgie. I'm currently in Sedona, but this episode was actually recorded when I was in Tulum a few months ago, so the energy in this episode in potent!


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Let's jump into todays episode! We chat about all things feminine energy, biz, life, libido, sexual energy, all the juicy things that you guys love, so buckle up and enjoy!

Let's talk about feminine and masculine energy. What are the basics?

Women tend to have more feminine energy than men, typically speaking. I'm going to make generalisations here and it's all coming from a place of love. The majority of women have a feminine core. So what that means is that deep deep deep down, past your ego and all the BS in your head saying "I'm an independent women, I don't need no man", which actually is a wall you're putting up and because society is telling you that it's 'trendy', and that wanting a mean is 'weak'... the feminine core is actually saying that at the end of the day there's nothing better than being wrapped in a man's arms. 10% of women don't have a feminine core. So what this means is that deep deep down, past all of their trauma and their wounding, they still want to be ones in control, they want to take the lead and they don't want to receive. These women don't get the ultimate pleasure out of receiving and being looked after. They get the ultimate pleasure out of directing, leading and being in control. A lot of women think that they have a masculine core but a lot of the time it's a cover up or a pile of your wounding showing.

The majority of men have a masculine core, and there's a very small percentage of men who have a feminine core (and these men will most likely be a women who has a masculine core, because you have to have polarity in a relationship. Even in a homosexual relationship, one of you needs to be in the feminine energy and the other in the masculine energy in order for their to be polarity in your relationship. Now you can always dance between the two but the bottom line is, if there is going to be sexual energy and intimacy, there needs to be polarity).

Feminine energy is receptivity, slowness, being, warmth, nourishment, sitting back and receiving what's coming to you, watery energy, emotions, softness but still that motherhood strength of like 'no one touch my baby'. Feminine energy lies in your body. So many women are disconnected from their bodies and that's a really big problem. The masculine energy lies in the head. It's the thinking, doing, analysing, logic, direction, discernment, focus, protection, being a provider.

We have both of them in all of us.

We live in an overly masculine world (the majority of us) and the masculine energy is the one that is really celebrated (although it's now becoming more accepted to be really embodied in your feminine). One of the issues that I see is that a lot of women are overly in their masculine energy and as a result of this there's all of these physical manifestations of PCOS, Endo, not being able to fall pregnant, migraines all the time, they're not happy in their relationship, the men their with are complaining that their cold or bitchy, they have massive sisterhood wounding, they can't trust men, they're always the one that's being the one in control in their relationship.

Men right now, with the second wave of the me too movement, and the over activeness of the feminist movement (in a negative way, instead of the way it was intended to be) has resulted in so many men feeling unsafe to be really in their masculine energy, because some women will rip them down. We have this very difficult dynamic especially within the dating area, where women are complaining 'there's no good men in the world' and 'chivalry is dead' but it's actually because a lot of women don't know how to receive and they're not creating a safe environment for men. When you're really embodied in your feminine, you heal your relationship with men so as a result you have this beautiful dynamic.

How do you use both these energies in your biz?

Technically speaking, when you're doing something, you're in your masculine. I really struggled in the beginning of my biz, I was very addicted to the hustle and the adrenaline release of being in my masculine. I believe that all the 'doing' in your business can actually be done from a feminine place, because if you're doing something for pleasure, you're doing something for your feminine, so technically speaking it can be a feminine practise. For example, when I'm working in the day and having clients, technically I'm in my masculine, but the way that I do it and the pleasure that I get from it, means that I am more in my feminine energy and not burnt out each day.

When you're doing things in your business, the 'doing' is really important because it creates the direction in your business, deadlines, and discipline (and this is your masculine energy), but I do the discipline because it makes my feminine feel fucking good when I go to bed knowing that I've done everything that day. You do need both, but what's really important for women is that you make sure that your masculine isn't driving the train all the time, because you will feel burnout out at the end of the day. It's so important to make sure you're doing the little things that make you feel your feminine energy even when you're doing something that's technically in your masculine, like wearing beautiful clothes and lingerie or making a tea or a cacao at your desk as this is really nourishing and grounding. It's these little things that go a really long way and I feel like people sometimes overcomplicate things. I'm all about how can you integrate more pleasure based things in your life so it's actually sustainable for you.

Why is it so important to have pleasure in your life (and not just in the bedroom)?

Feminine energy is about pleasure. Your sexual energy is your highest vibrational energy. This energy is so magnetic and it's what attracts people in. So if you're constantly feeling turned on and full of pleasure, you will turn heads not because of looks, but because of your energy and the fact you're beaming. It will make you feel full in your body, grounded and it will take away the feeling of you not loving yourself.

Chicken nuggets:

When I look in the mirror and I'm holy shit, if I was a man I would fuck me so hard right now. That's the kind of energy that I want every women to be in. It creates magnetism, because you know your worth, you don't settle, you have the boundaries and that energy is so captivating.

Your feminine only feels safe to be expressed when you have a great relationship with the masculine, because the masculine creates the safety for the feminine to then thrive.

The feminine energy in your buisness is that receivership. A lot of people think 'I have to keep outputting in order to have success' but that doesn't make any sense because if you're constantly outputting, you're never in your receivership energy. And that feminine energy is what magnetises clients, opportunities and success. It's what manifests all those amazing things. It's what makes you radiate on social media that make people go 'I want to be in her energy'.

Outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens.