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171: How creating a 5 year plan could actually be limiting yourself and your business with Gabby Flegg

171: How creating a 5 year plan could actually be limiting yourself and your business with Gabby Flegg

This is the last episode in my 5 part mini podcast series (and by no means least). Today I am joined by Gabby, a photographer and past BABA client.


Gabby is a professional photographer with over 10 years experience manipulating light and encompassing the whimsical, mysterious sides of her clients. Originally hailing from the sunny beaches of Australia, she is now established in the moody landscape of Scotland where her work is heavily influenced by her surroundings. Gabby’s style can best be described as an ethereal juxtaposition of the dark, elegant and enchanting. Inspired to tell people’s story and capture the essence of women in their power, Gabby’s magnetic work perfectly captures authenticity in her clients. She is able to do this through prioritizing genuine connection with people and with her desire to make people feel comfortable in front of the lens.

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Chicken nuggets:

From a personal standpoint, Be less reactive about things. Stop worrying about small things. It's really not a big deal, no one is going to fucking die. now I just don't give a shit.

From a business standpoint, asking myself , "how do I wanna feel on launch day?" Every time when I launch a product, I feel stressed energy of what if it doesn't book out, etc. And you said to me,"how do you wanna feel?" and "what do you like to feel when you're launching?" That never felt like an option to me.

You're always going to get exactly what you’re meant to have

The more you enjoy yourself in business, the more frequently it happens with ease

However your business started, don’t expect it to be the same in the next 6 months

Be open to pivoting and changing

We never realize how much bigger we could go

Setting a very strict plan you could be closing doors

5 year plan can be limiting because you may not be aware of what's actually possible because your energy isn’t close to being a match for that


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