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170: Why passion in business is everything with Jenna Doherty | Burnout, feminine pleasure & manifestations

170: Why passion in business is everything with Jenna Doherty | Burnout, feminine pleasure & manifestations

this is episode 4 of our 5 part mini series and I am thrilled to welcome Jenna onto the podcast today!


Jenna is an experienced beauty and skin therapist who is known for her love of all things wellness. With a focus on natural and safe skincare treatments, Jenna has seen firsthand the painful side effects that can come with acne treatments and medications, and how these can hinder a client’s journey to clear and glowing skin. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Jenna has created her Healing Hands Skin & Beauty clinic so that she can continue helping clients feel fresh, beautiful and confident in their own skin.

What I love about Jenna is that her story is a bit different, her business is a brick-and-mortar. I think a lot of people worry about brick-and-mortar business and that they won't be as successful, or they'll have to work harder with them. And Jenna is a prime example of how everything in BABA still works for this style of business. I've had every vibe in BABA: jewellery designers, interior designers, beauty and skin therapists, PT's, physiotherapists who have now, all up-levelled in their biz!

We'd love to hear about your amazing business, the story behind it and how far you've come

I first started my business about two years ago. I was always inspired by my grandmother who has a very holistic approach. She always taught me medications don't fix everything and you need to figure out what the root cause is. When I started learning more about hormones and skin, one of my good friends put me onto you and your podcast, so I started listening and was like 'omg this chick knows what the fuck she's talking about'. So now I do a big skin journey with a lot of my clients and I go through their hormones, lifestyle, diet and I always help them find their solutions, causes and triggers before putting them on a whole skincare range that's going to cost them thousands of dollars and do absolutely nothing. My biggest goal is to make sure they feel more confident after each appointment. Seeing how different their attitudes are from the beginning of their journey to after, and their transformation in confidence, that's what makes me feel so happy to do what I do.

what do you feel like is a key thing that's been a GAME-CHANGER for you in your biz?

Ok, so I had to write a list for this because I had so many. Number 1, not working 80-90 hours a week (burnout would have got me!) Even if Covid hadn't of hit, I would of had to close my business anyway last year due to burnout. As soon as Covid hit, and I was like holy shit what am I going to do with my life, I have zero work to do, no income, but this made me change my whole view on what I was doing. It was actually realising that I work better not working that much.

What would you tell someone that was starting out their business, and specifically brick-and-mortar?

Passion is the biggest thing for me. I do what I do because I want to help people. My passion and meaning behind why I do what I do is the biggest thing. It's not even really a job to me, everyday I go in and I'm like ok, who can I help, who am I here for? It's such a different mindset to when I was working for someone else.

What is something that you've learnt from me that's a juicy fucking nugget that you want to share your experience of?

Outsourcing what I don't like to do. Now I have an accountant. Also, no podcasts after work or at the weekends - I only listen to music to get myself out of the work mindset. And, I also schedule time to do the feminine things that I enjoy, fake tan myself, get my hair done, nails done, massage etc. I put that in because I know that's going to help me be a better person for my clients. Whereas the old me would have been like 'I can't spend that time or money on myself, I need to just be working'. It's a whole different mindset now.

Sell yourself to us, especially for those of you that need help with their skin and live in the Queensland area.

If you have been to the doctors and the dermatologist a million times, and all they want to do is put you on roaccutane, antibiotics, etc, please come in and have a skin consultation with me first. We'll go through everything. I have a skin scanner which will show me the deeper layers of the skin. It was also tell me what your skin will look like in 10 years if you don't do anything (which is very scary)! The consulation will help us get to the bottom of what's going on internally, and a lot of the time it's stress (and stress isn't something that GP's even talk about or think about).


Allow the help. BABA is amazing. Every single manifestation that I wrote down before BABA, has come true. It's insane, I wrote "I declare that I get rid of my feeling of having to feel stressed and overworked".Now, with a 3 day lockdown, I'm like 'yes, 3 days off'. Like, who am I?!

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