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168: Be the Queen of your own life with Marina Shiferman | Real estate and empowering women

168: Be the Queen of your own life with Marina Shiferman | Real estate and empowering women



Today I am joined by Marina, a realtor and past BABA client. Marina and her team of amazing women realtors have sold close to a billion dollars in real estate. She is a proud homeowner (a few times over) and founder of the Real Estate Academy where she teaches women how to buy real estate correctly and actually understand it, the big ideas and concepts down to the specific steps and strategies. She will not rest until all women become homeowners and there are more badass women role models, which I am SO HERE FOR.

Firstly, tell everyone about your biz and why you set up the Real Estate Academy!

I became a realtor 10 years ago in San Francisco because I didn't want to work for someone else. I wanted to work with my clients that I wanted to, I just wanted to be me. I don't want to be in an office when it's sunny, 80 degrees and I have to be there, I hated that. I became a realtor because nobody really knows what it is. They just think, fancy cars, it's wonderful. Then, you become a realtor and you either love it or hate it, and I LOVE IT. I love being a leader, people come to be all frazzled and scared and I love guiding them. I recently started the Real Eastate Academy where I teach women how to buy and own real estate correctly so they can be the queens of their lives financially and independently.

What are the key things that you have learnt through your time of BUILDING your biz that has changed the game for you?

Being myself. Not trying to be like those super professional realtors. That's what you've inspired in me. You're so yourself. I say shit and bitch sometimes, and that's ok because I'm being myself. And by being yourself, you attract the people that you want to attract. Your person is your brand, is your business. Being disciplined is also key. And thirdly, investing in yourself, investing in coaches, investing in women that inspire you.

What would you tell someone that is starting out their business, that maybe you didn't know, or isn't talked about enough?

You don't make any money for a long time. You have to really believe in what you're doing and gain the momentum. Being a realtor was hard, I didn't really make any money for the first 4 years, and now I'm really good in that game and it's time to up level.

Do you feel like you backing yourself and trusting yourself has been the thing that's kept you going through the moments where you're like I'm not making any money, it's not working, when your ego's jumping in?

I don't have any setbacks because I know what I'm doing is so amazing and empowering women - nobody talks to women about buying real estate. I believe in what I'm doing so much, that's it's going to succeed.

What is something you've learnt from me that is a juicy fucking nugget?

Well obviously we've talked about being yourself, and unapologetically. I'm not here to put anyone down, this is me. Firing clients is something I've learnt from you too. You've got to be yourself. If you're not vibing and they don't respect you to do your job, and they don't trust you, then bye.

Tell us about your real estate academy!

If you want to learn how to buy real estate, then my academy is for you. I teach you how to understand real estate in general (the big ideas and the concepts), then we go through the steps and the strategies, what you're going to have to think about, what decisions you're going to have to make, who you're going to have to consult. Basically I teach you how to buy and own real estate correctly, so you can be financially independent, be the Queen of your own life, not rely on anyone else, have a seat at the table to make decisions with your partner.

Is there anything else that you want to tell people about yourself or your biz?

Yes! Be a Queen, know your worth, up-level yourself. Your situation now doesn't have to be your situation in a year.


Investing in yourself, investing in coaches, investing in women that inspire you.

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