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165: Being a social butterfly, energy leaking and how to come back to yourself

165: Being a social butterfly, energy leaking and how to come back to yourself

This is a short and sweet, chicken nugget episode.


I've had this realisation since being in NY, that you can very easily leak your energy. I'm not a needy or anxious person, naturally I just don't give a fuck (double sag vibes), but I became aware of this 'energy leak' happening.

When you're going out, spending more time with friends and being more social, you're constantly riding this high of serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, which is amazing, and then you crash afterwards and feel kind of depressed. So what happens is you keep planning things and socialising more because you want to keep getting this boost.

When you're out with friends, you can very easily leak your energy. As much as you can protect your energy, you can leak it because you're giving it to other people. You're receiving others energy, and you're giving it to them in return because you're engaging in their conversation, the activity and the event. That's just natural and you can't avoid doing that (and that's a beautiful part of socialising), but then what happens is you're constantly socialising for that 'high'. For me, I'm doing this on top of working a job where I'm with people all day every day, whilst in the process of doing my new apartment up. I'm constantly leaking my energy, and not giving to myself.

I picked up this behaviour pattern (which is normal for me) of neediness. Neediness towards the guys that I would date, friends, plans for the weekend, socialising. I noticed that when I was wanting and needing to make plans, it was because I actually needed a 'me' weekend as my energy was depleted. And at the end of that time, I felt so me again, like I'd come back into my own energy. A 'me' weekend can look like having no plans, ordering sushi, having a bath, watching a movie during the day and having time to paint your toenails.

So ladies, if any of this is resonating with you, your conscious of your energy leaking and you're in need of a 'me' weekend, this is your invitation to have one!

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Also, BABA will be opening for enrolment very soon. I'm pumped to be leading the next round of you ladies through BABA from my new NYC apartment, which is a fucking luxurious vibe.