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160: Do you need to be overly concerned about abnormal pap smears?

160: Do you need to be overly concerned about abnormal pap smears?

I'm here to talk to you about abnormal pap smears. I've been meaning to record this for ages and got inspired by a client who messaged me today about her abnormal result. When she asked her doctor what she could do to help get clear her HPV, they advised there was nothing she could do about it and she just had to wait and hope it goes away. Thankfully, my client was like FUCK THAT, because OF COURSE there are things she can be doing and AMEN to taking control of and supporting your body.


Disclaimer: this is not a diagnosis or me telling you not to have pap smears. This is simply my personal take and reasons of why I choose not to have pap smears.

I have two main things to share with you:

Abnormal pap smears are SO COMMON

There is always something you can do!

Personally, I choose not to get pap smears because getting abnormal results is so common and for me it's a nocebo effect (whereby it would create an issue because my brain has been told I have abnormal results). My personal choice is that the fear of knowing is so much worse than you being happy, living your life and allowing your body to do what it does best and HEAL.

What to do when your doctor tells you there's nothing you can do?

Well, first of all, say FUCK that, because there ARE things you can do. You need to do a massive overhaul of your life and pay attention to things like your diet, stress, products etc.

Eat a healthy diet:

Make sure your diet is full of anti oxidants! We want our bodies to get rid of oxidative damage and abnormal cells, and regenerate healthy cells and tissue. Try to reduce your alcohol intake, or even try going alcohol free for 6 months! Things like alcohol and sugar are what feed damaged cells including cancerous cells, endo, PCOS etc. To get rid of this, you want to be amping up things that are anti inflammatory and high in anti oxidants. I'd recommend taking folic acid, vitamin c, green t extract, turmeric and b12. Go to a naturopath for advice!

Reduce inflammation:

Cut out anything inflammatory such as grains, gluten, dairy, vegetable oil and sugar.

Reduce the toxic load:

This includes skin care products, make up and household products. Ensure that you're au naturel, if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin!

Reduce stress:

This includes conscious stress (work, relationships) and subconscious stress (childhood, sexual and emotional abuse trauma).

Catch those zzz's:

It's so important to not only get enough sleep, but get enough GOOD sleep (so paying attention to light disturbance and whether your phone is on airplane mode).


To add to the list of why hormonal birth control is TERRIBLE for you, the pill can also contribute to abnormal pap smears.

Key takeaways:

Bottom line is, don’t listen when doctors instil fear into you. I’m not denying that doctors know our bodies but 90% of them instil so much fear. If your doctor is saying there’s no hope or nothing you can do, I just want to tell you that there is ALWAYS something you can do! You just have to want to go down a more holistic route and look at things like your emotional body. As women we hold on to all of our emotions in our cervix and womb. So, if you haven’t done any trauma healing work and you’ve got abnormal pap smears, I'd encourage you to do the inner work!

A lot of my clients have received abnormal results (as I said, it's SO COMMON). Together we'll work through all the advice above, including a pile of feminine embodiment work and cervical clearing, and then surprise surprise, they have another pap smear and the doctor is like 'oh this is so bizarre, your results are clear'.

If you are experiencing any other symptoms including headaches, heavy bleeding, sore boobs, etc, it definitely could be linked to your abnormal pap smear result. Your body could be telling you something. If you’re not already in Your Perfect Period, I'd definitely consider joining so you can get to know your symptoms and how to heal them. Ultimately, this program will help you get to the root of your period problems and fix them (for life).

Chicken nuggets:

Abnormal pap smears are so common.

Your body does have the ability to heal and regenerate itself.

You don't have to worry because you're looking after your body as best as you can, you're listening to its messages and signs and supporting your body as it needs.