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159: The reasons behind your skin issues for men and women (energetic reasons included)

159: The reasons behind your skin issues for men and women (energetic reasons included)

Firstly, I’m in my new apartment and I’m beyond ecstatic. I’m going to do a YouTube on this whole process, because let me tell you it's been a process for sure... it’s taken me a month and a half, and has definitely tested my patience! This leads me on perfectly to this episode, which is all about the things which can impact your skin health including stress and energetics).


When I say skin health, this doesn’t just relate to acne. I'm talking psoriasis, dry skin, flakey skin, oily skin. Also I'd like to preface that this episode is for men and women!

So first, let's talk about acne. There’s many different reasons for why you have acne...

One of them, is congestion. When your body isn’t able to detox itself through its natural detoxification pathways (your liver and gut) then your skin can get congested. So one thing I'd advise is make sure you’re exfoliating enough. I always recommend Babs Bodycare and I love their face scrub. Seriously, this shit is a dream boat. Sometimes I leave it on my skin for 5 mins to act as a face mask. People say don’t exfoliate too much, but I actually exfoliate every night. It’s so gentle that it’s like dust, and there’s nothing harsh in it (I only use natural, non-toxic products and if you read on you'll know why).

A lot of you have been experiencing acne on your jaw and cheeks. If it's deep acne where your skin actually hurts, it's red, swollen, and you can't relieve the pressure, that’s cystic. This can happen for many reasons (especially if it just randomly pops up), but the main explanation is stress. Now remember guys, stress is not limited to just stress from any of the big stressors in your life (for example, high pressure job). Your stress can be life stuff, relationships, social life, work, lack of sleep, diet. These are the things to be looking at and understanding how it impacts your body.

Often the things that you’d think would stress you out the most actually don’t, because we notice these things and know how to fix them. For example, you have a stressful day at work and then you come home and wind down to relieve your stress. We are often better at combating these stresses because we notice them, but the subconscious stress like 'time is running out' or 'where is the man of my dreams' is more subtle. If you haven't already listen to episode 156: is your social life burning you out (especially post covid), and check out my exclusive article on page 11 of UNEDITED magazine.



How do hormones affect your skin?

When your cortisol levels go up, it cause your skin to produce excess sebum. This is when your cores can get clogged and this causes the inflammation that can lead to acne. Cortisol also increases your ageing process so you’ll notice that people that have a stress free lifestyle look youthful. (Side note, can I just comment on the amount of men here that look half their age. I honestly put it down to the fact that everyone feels so alive and happy in NYC.)

When your body produces excess cortisol, your body loses the ability to retain water in your skin which can lead to dehydrated, flakey skin and/or dry skin which can accelerate the appearance of blemishes, dark spots and wrinkles.

What are the energetic reasons of why your skin might be breaking out?

There are so many energetic reasons: a fear of being seen, something is getting under your skin, you don’t feel protected or safe to be seen, you don't feel safe in your beauty, you feel angry or frustrated, you hold a disapproval of yourself, you criticise yourself or have insecurities, you're uncomfortable in your own skin.

You need to become aware of what your energetic issue is.

What is getting under your skin?

What are you not expressing that you need say?

Why do you feel afraid to be seen?

What makes you afraid to be magnetic, alluring, be radiant and stand out?

Try and pin point this.

This is something you may not know. The right side of your body is your masculine and left is your feminine. So, for example, if you're breaking out on your left jaw, thats telling me that you're not giving your feminine enough attention and your feminine needs more love. If your right side is breaking out, you're overdoing your masculine. Most of the time it’s under-active feminine or over-active masculine in women.

Some people might notice that men don't experience as many skin problems as women and this is because they don't have the same hormone profile as us. They don't have as much estrogen, they have an ability to hold a lot more testosterone, cortisol, androgens in their systems until it eventually creates hormonal havoc. Men are made for that, they are the hunters in society.

So, what else should you pay attention to?

1. Gut health.

Gut health issues could be present because you weren’t a vaginal birth, you weren't breast fed, you had a poor diet when you were younger, you've experienced an overuse of antibiotics, you eat unhealthy food or are in an unhealthy environment. Your gut health is so important to your physical and mental health. The majority of our neuro transmitters are reliant on our gut. Hence why I'm always recommending GutRight by ATP. Supplements can be a beautiful thing to support your body, (and adaptgeons, mushrooms, herbs) but you don’t want to be relying on them forever.

2. Healthy fats.

Having healthy fats in your diet is so important for our hormones, especially estrogen. Healthy fats give you that glow in your skin. When you have low estrogen, you’ll lose your glow. If you’re missing your period on top of this, you might not be having enough healthy fats, or there could be an energetic reason.


3. Look after your liver!

This is so important to be looking at. Your liver is your natural detoxification pathway. It has multiple phases, but most people don't get into phase two or three of detoxification. Things like bone broth, turmeric, and collagen will help your body detox. When your liver isn't working properly, the toxins will come out of your skin (they’ve gotta come out somehow). This is why it's so bad to be using unnatural deodorant, you're literally putting a pile of toxins into your lymph nodes. Babs Bodycare is my fave brand for a serious natural B.O basher.

Chicken nuggets

How fucking good does it feel to have clear skin? You feel so confident, abundant, happy, lovable. You really do feel better. So let's do what we can do fix these skin issues, period issues and hormone issues. And let's absolutely not put a price tag on this shit. Your health is priceless.

I'll let you into a little secret and share a tip with you. Coconut oil is life. I use coconut oil as a moisturiser! It's also so good for tanning, gives you an incredible bronze and also is a natural SPF. It's also amazing for removing make up! It gets all the make up out of your pores because it’s oil based, but it doesn’t strip your skin of it’s natural oils. It's really the gift that keeps on giving!

Babs Bodycare are THE BEST for natural skincare and this is where the majority of my skincare products are from. Check out page 24 for my favourites!