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158: Cacao & Convos with Georgie Stevenson | Her Journey with Breast Implant Illness Disease

158: Cacao & Convos with Georgie Stevenson | Her Journey with Breast Implant Illness Disease

Today I am talking to the beautiful Georgie Stevenson.

I invited Georgie onto my podcast following a seriously juicy convo with her on The Rise & Conquer podcast. If you haven't listened yet, check out episode "how to have more pleasure in sex, biz & life with Monica Yates" below:

Before I jump into this episode, I'd recommend listening to episode 153 where I talk about the impacts of breast implants, cosmetic work, why people want these procedures, whether they are ok for your body and the hormonal implications. This was a really popular episode and it compliments this episode with Georgie beautifully.

Cacao & Convos with Georgie Stevenson | Her Journey with Breast Implant Illness Disease


Without further ado, let's dive into episode 158 because my god this is an enlightening conversation that EVERY woman needs to listen to, whether that be someone who's had implants, is thinking about it, or is post-surgery. This episode is going to help so many women which I'm thrilled about, because so many of us have been in the dark about BII (breast implant illness) for far too long.

I've been wanting to talk about this for a while now on my podcast, and I'm so excited to have Georgie on today to share her first-hand, personal experience. She shares her journey of why she first wanted them, the moment she was like 'get these fuckers out of me' and how she is so glad she made the decision to remove them.

Let's be real. Even when people don’t admit it to themselves, cosmetic surgery is actually covering up a deeper issue. This episode isn't about cancelling women that have made the decision to have breast implants, it's about opening up the other side of the conversation. Women can do whatever they want to their body. I'd encourage you to ask yourself, is this choice coming from an informed decision and heart space, or your head? Essentially, that's what this episode is all about...

Georgie, can you share some insight into what influenced your decision to get breast implants in the first place?

I was 18, so very fresh. To be honest, it was during the period when 'thinspo'/'fitspo' was everywhere. What I mean by this, is the ideal body shape was very skinny, but still feminine, so boobs, butt. I remember I had just gone through a weight lost where I lost 5 kilos, but I didn't feel feminine. I had always been an A-cup, it was in my genetics. The main reason for getting implants was to fit this 'ideal' body image that was around at the time. To be completely transparent, I had an older boyfriend at the time who was 4 years older than me (he's my Husband now!), and I had always felt like a bit of a child (I met him when I was 17).

Can you walk us through your journey of having breast implants, what it felt like at the beginning, and the complications you noticed through your journey?

It's really hard because the range of breast implant illness symptoms are so broad, and symptoms can. vary based on your genetic and immune systems. First time I noticed was a couple of years after I'd had them done. I went to see a naturopath as I had some hormonal imbalances. I was testosterone dominant, my estrogen was all over the place and I lost my period for over a year.

At this time I was dieting pretty hardcore, under-eating, over-exercising, all whilst doing a law degree so I was quite stressed out. I also had anxiety issues which I'd never experienced but I put down to law school. These subtle issues lasted years and years. When I first realised something was actually wrong, I got in a really good state with my diet, started treating my body with respect, had a healthy relationship with exercise but was still experiencing symptoms and no one could tell me what was wrong.

My symptoms included hormone imbalances, anxiety, panic attacks, sweaty human, brain fog and forgetfulness. A huge thing for me was fatigue. We would go on holiday and I would come back and still feel exhausted. I could never get to this place where my body was recovering and feeling good. These symptoms would come and go, flare up and it was difficult to tie them to anything because it could have been caused by so many factors. I went through a period of not sleeping and developing acne (I actually went on accutane and even that didn’t even work).

Did you have a gut feeling and if so, did you ignore it at all? Was there any of you that thought your symptoms were a boob issue, but you brushed it off?

I remember I came home and literally said to Tim "I think I need to get my implants out", and he was like "what?". I explained that I had this weird, intuitive feeling. At the time, this epiphany wasn’t really anything to do with the health issues I had, it was like I had this divine message from my angels. I think it was because we see stuff on our social media, and I followed a lot of the OG IG girl's talking about their experience of boob implants. It didn’t feel like my thought, and I brushed it off.

I've definitely morphed into more of a holistic and all natural person. I remember there being thoughts of me using my all natural beauty products whilst I've literally got a pair of plastic bags in me. I felt like a bit of a fraud.

To be completely honest, I went from an A to a full C, so I didn’t do it to have massive boobs. I did it to feel confident and liked how people would question whoever I'd had them because they were so natural.

So many people started messaging me saying look into BII. I brushed it off for so long. But it got so loud. This is super woo woo (your audience will love this), but someone message me and was like "I hope this was ok, but I got a random message from your angels and they have told me that you need to get your implants out." This was the nail in the coffin that made me like yep, I NEED to get this done. I ignored the signs for so long. It took some years away from my life where I wasn’t at my full capacity. I wish I had listened to my intuition.

When you got them out, did you notice an immediate shift?

Yes! I joined all the BII groups and took a photo before and after - there was a huge difference in my eyes. My eyes were clearer and the bags under my eyes were gone. The first day, I jumped on my stories without a filter. Leading up to when I got my boobs out, it was doing something weird to my mental state. I was the same person, but I didn’t want to show my face. I was in this really negative space. I got out of surgery and felt like a different human.

I had a week off work and I was fully recovered. The fatigue was gone, the brain fog gone. I stared crying and felt like this weight had been lifted, I felt like my whole self. I had this new appreciation for my body.

A couple of weeks before I had a miscarriage, which they’ve said the implants would have had a lot to do with. My body wasn’t producing enough progesterone to hold the pregnancy. I had my bloods done before surgergy, and after. Physically and mentally I felt like a new human, and this was enough evidence. The bloods came back in perfect range after 3 weeks of having them removed. Its like my body was thanking me for having them removed.

What would you tell a girl that was thinking about getting breast implants because they want to feel sexier, more confident, empowered and feminine?

My advice would be nothing feels as good as how I feel now in my whole natural state of who I'm meant to be. I remember being young and thinking all of these things I wanted to change. It actually never works until you do the inner work. Before you think you need to get surgery, do the inner work and then see if you still feel the same way. I guarantee that when you get to a state of deeper gratitude, you don’t want that surface level shit.

I'm one of the mild cases with BII, but so many women have experienced such severe symptoms like cancer where it has completely ruined their life. Be smarter. Don't fit yourself into a box that society has created, because you get to choose how you feel. That band aid is never going to make you feel what you want, you’re the only person that can make you feel that way. Don’t take 7 years, a miscarriage and two surgeries to feel this way, you can do this inner work now.

It goes back to beauty standards and the bottom line is you don’t have to follow standard set by society because they’re usually fucked standards. The beauty standard for you is that my 'smaller' boobs or my 'saggy' boobs are sexy. When you actually realise that you get to create your own rules and you only ever have to measure up to yourself, you are set free. You feel like you have the chains off and you don’t have to feel like anyone else.

Takeaways from episode 157:

Monica: When you’re focused on the physical things and you’re having a bad body image day, you can’t change this in an instant, but you can change your energy in an instant, and people are attracted to your energy.

Monica: A lot of the time, women are acting subconsciously for the attention of men (its a primal thing). But, if you ask any good man, they like the natural. We are attracted to peoples vibe. I can tell you right now, that you will get more attention and more men picking you up if you are beaming and glowing because you’re happy, not because you’re sad with perfect boobs.

Georgie: This is what husband said, you’re so much more confident, in your power and sexier because you’re not this person who’s fatigued all the time. You have no sex drive with implants. Now I'm back in my natural state, it’s such a turn on for him.

Monica: When you ask men what are they thinking during sex, they’re either not thinking anything, or they’re thinking holy fuck I'm having sex with the sexiest woman ever. They’re not thinking 'what’s this dimple on her bum', 'she needs to get her teeth whitened', 'why doesn’t she have bigger boobs?'

Georgie: If you are someone who is heavily focused with how you look , there is a disconnect with alignment. When I get fixated on certain things, I usually go 'hey, I'm out of alignment, how can I get back into my body?'. It's almost like a symptom. If you are someone who is fixated, start ignoring that. Stop focusing on your body and focus on other things. Focus on the energy, how you feel, your strength.

Chicken nuggets

Don't fit yourself into a box that society has created, because you get to choose how you feel.

When you actually realise that you get to create your own rules and you only ever have to measure up to yourself, you are set free.

When you get to a state of deeper gratitude, you don’t want that surface level shit.

Don't rush into a decision and do your research. You don’t have that excuse now, BII info is everywhere.

In the end, it’s your choice but make an informed decision. You have both sides now, which unfortunately many of us didn't at the time.

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