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POV: A Woman's Life in a Month

POV: A Woman's Life in a Month

We're having some fun on the blog today, friends! Here's the POV of your monthly cycle, using Barbie to help us visualize.

I asked my fiancé to check these and he said, "yes that's very accurate". 💀💀💀

Take a look for yourself...



Now firstly, if you find yourself looking like Barbie #3 in your luteal phase AND on your period — you need to REST UP more!


A healthy luteal phase will come with more 'attacks' (as my fiancé calls it) because your progesterone is higher, causing your brain to be more analytical. You might find yourself nitpicking yourself because of the dominance of progesterone in this phase. You'll also find yourself having more thoughts of, "I don't care" — because you really don't — thanks to BALANCED hormones making you cool as a cucumber (but dear god if the person you're saying that to doesn't make a decision then, HOT DAMN THEY NEED TO RUN FOR THE HILLS).


A healthy period will look like you being more introverted. You don't want to have to give your energy to anything you don't need to. You might not even know what you need, so you find yourself wanting space one minute and the next minute wanting intimacy. The bottom line is that more sensitivity and desire for rest is normal.


Whilst we joke and normalize common hormonal issues like PMS, bloating, back pain, PMDD, headaches, insomnia, low libido, etc... it really isn't funny. Because women have around 480 periods in their life.


That's 480 luteal phases. NOT IDEAL IF THEY'RE HORRENDOUS.


Whilst we might all have a favorite phase of our cycle, my goal is for you to be able to embrace ALL phases of your cycle. To be able to sink into each and receive the goodness from them all.


If you have no idea where to even start with that — my podcast is for you. Check out these episodes:


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xx Monica