What Actually IS Trauma? (& Why Somatic Healing is the Key)

What Actually IS Trauma? (& Why Somatic Healing is the Key)

We all hear and talk about trauma… but do you actually know what it IS? 🤔

And more than that, do you know how to navigate your trauma and free yourself from it?


Firstly: Trauma is the result of you being in a situation where you felt unsafe. 

Even if looking back, or in someone else's eyes, the situation “wasn't that bad," it's irrelevant. What matters is that YOU went into a trauma response as a way to protect yourself and survive.

At the moment, you didn't get to process the stress, pain, abandonment, fear, etc that you were feeling... you had to just live.

As a result, the emotion from that situation stays "stuck" in your body and becomes what people refer to as a 'wound.' 


To heal from these wounds, you need somatic healing. 

Somatic healing means you become aware of when your body is telling you you’re stressed or triggered, and THEN heal yourself so you don’t have to deal with these triggers any longer.


Remember: you can free yourself of your triggers, because after all, triggers mean that healing NEEDS to happen.

Even if you mentally/logically understand that nothing bad happened, you were just 'being a kid' or 'being sensitive,' it doesn't take away from the very real fact that your body felt physically, mentally, or emotionally unsafe in that moment.

So those 'triggers' that you have are actually your unprocessed emotions getting activated due to past trauma that you may or may not even remember.

When your body keeps getting triggered, it responds as though that initial traumatic incident is happening again, and of course, you likely shove it down or brush it off, causing the emotional mountain in your body to just get bigger and bigger (it's not going to go away on it's own or if you ignore it!).


Below you'll see my "trauma cycle" which is what people stay stuck in year after year until they finally realize they want to feel liberated and free in their body, mind, and soul.

Sadly, most people don’t heal themselves. Most will shove it down or brush it off, causing the emotional mountain in their body to just get bigger and bigger.

... but if you want to live a live that is free and in alignment with your dream self, you HAVE to do the healing. And your body is the key to it.

My suggestion... don't wait until you hit rock bottom. Understand and acknowledge that those triggers, bad patterns, emotional dysregulation, avoidance, anxiety, people-pleasing tendencies, and toxic habits are a SYMPTOM of trauma that's much deeper.


When you work with the body and free yourself from the past, clear the stuck emotions, and remove yourself from these stale environments... everything changes.

The body is the key to healing. We cannot think that what we believe and what we feel are not mutually exclusive. What your body is feeling unconsciously, subconsciously, or consciously will affect how you think about yourself, act in your life, show up for others, communicate, work, etc.


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 xx Monica