Why You Still Get Triggered by Things (Even Though You Understand Them)

Why You Still Get Triggered by Things (Even Though You Understand Them)

A lot of people have a giant box of tools they rely on when they're triggered... and I don't know about you, but f*ck having to breathe deep every time you get triggered over and over by a situation.

It's those moments where you think to yourself, “What the f*ck, WHY am I still triggered by this?!"

Yes, you FULLY understand the trigger, but don't you just want to NOT get triggered anymore? ie. ditch the toolbox because you don't even need it anymore!


I've got answers for you...

You no longer having a somatic response ONLY happens when your body is able to release what it's been holding onto from the first moment it felt the unsafety which caused this trigger to start in the first place.

^ READ THAT AGAIN (it’s kind of a mouthful!)


When you keep talking about your trauma, whilst it might seem therapeutic, all that's happened is that you get an adrenaline release from the vent you've had... but at the same time, you've added MORE stress/trauma to the situation that is causing your body to go into a trauma response.


When it comes to what makes my work different, is that we don't simply talk about your trauma — I focus on ensuring clients are no longer triggered. I focus on healing the root as priority no. 1 and THEN doing embodiment work.

My unique healing blueprint means that changes stick and they last without you having to use 1000 tools daily to get by.

Your triggers will just vanish — poof! 💨


You want to truly heal trauma and get to the REAL root (not just what you think it is when you CONSCIOUSLY think about it — key word is "consciously") and free your body from the trapped emotion and energy that got locked in there at the moment of "impact."*

*Impact = the moment that your body felt unsafe. Whether it was 'real' or not, it's about the fact that you perceived a situation to be dangerous and life-threatening in some way, and you likely were not able to fully feel the extent of that at the moment due to you using a coping mechanism to make yourself feel safe.


If you're ready to heal your past sh*t once and for all so that you are truly the woman that you want to be, then my beloved program, Queen Alchemy is for you.

Because shifting your mindset isn't enough. We must get into your body.


So, this is what works instead of simply "understanding" your triggers:


1. Fix the root of the issue.

Be aware that how your trauma manifests (e.g. anxiety) doesn't mean you need to heal your anxiety. You may, for example, need to heal a fear of losing control. Just because your trauma shows up in one area of your life doesn't mean that area of life is where you should be looking.


2. Talking is cute, but embodiment and somatic release is where FAST, sustainable results happen.

Ever think to yourself, "this will take me YEARS to get over?" Likely you're buying into traditional talk therapy. Somatic work, trauma healing, and embodiment is the deepest work and give the fastest and most long-lasting results. Why? Because they release the trapped energy, emotion, and stress from your body. Your mind holds memories, but your body holds the trauma.


3. Put down the books.

Find a maximum of 3 teachers at a time that you feel give you micro-transformations and keep investing your resources into them. Chances are that if they give you micro-transformations, you'll get some macro ones too. Don't overwhelm yourself by consuming 17 people's content. It'll have the reverse effect.


I want you to heal and learn from all angles so that no wounds are left untreated, and so you can SUSTAIN all the beautiful things that come into your life. And that comes from healing the root.

If you want further resources on this topic or have questions about Queen Alchemy, please email so that I can provide you with the best guidance.


Your best self is waiting for you on the other side of healing.

xx Monica