Breaking through your "ceilings"

Breaking through your "ceilings"

Okay, let's talk about breaking through your ceiling regarding manifestation. 


What can sometimes happen is that we will find ourselves hitting this constant ceiling when we are trying to manifest something or when we're trying to up-level our life...We are continuously hitting the same road bumps or having the same self-sabotage play out all the time.


This can happen because we have a blueprint for everything. Most of the time, this blueprint is given to us by our parents and upbringing, and while we have the power to change our blueprint, many of us don't know how to. 


However our parents perceived money, success, wealth, opportunities, relationships, love, etc, to create our blueprint unless we decide (and take action) otherwise. 


These blueprints form our 'glass ceiling' or this 'upper limit' that blocks us from having more. 

Basically, there is a "ceiling" that you cannot move through, so that's why you will constantly feel like you're hitting these road bumps, or you get a certain manifestation or get more of something in your life. So the glass ceiling becomes the barrier to up-leveling and quantum leaping. It's when you change the blueprint and bust through the glass ceiling that things start to change. 


One of the easiest ways to do this is to put yourself in a very different environment. You will literally allow your body and mind to make something else available to you and become more of a possibility for your future. 


Additionally, making a massive leap or doing something that's going to 100% force through a ceiling (so you don't have to do it yourself) will do the trick. For example, paying 3x more than you ever have for a night at a hotel is an action that's going to hold you accountable and force you to step into the version of your future self that pays that much without a flinch. 


Sometimes we almost have to put ourselves in situations where the fire is lit under our ass, and we have no other choice but to grow, expand and leap, starting NOW. If you've ever invested more into yourself than you ever thought you could, that would be another example. You're stretched in a way where you have to show up, and as a result, you break the ceiling, change the blueprint, and quantum leap. 


So once you've made that stretch, you can feel how it's pushing your boundaries and edges of what is normal and comfortable. Once that step is done (and let's use the example of investing in your own self-growth)... you are in a different energy, your energy starts to shift because of the new space you're in, you're in a different environment, and your body starts to feel and see how life could begin to be for you


Lastly, when you make this scary action to bust through the ceiling in whatever way you want to, it forces you to show up for yourself because you have skin in the game. You've given your resources of time, energy, and money, and so thus, you're GOING to be 10x more likely to take the action steps than if you just kept doing what feels comfortable.


Healthy pressure and a bit of a fire under your ass are never a bad thing if you want results quickly. Is it easy? No. But it's ALWAYS worth it. 


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