5 things (besides balancing your hormones) to start doing to boost your libido

5 things (besides balancing your hormones) to start doing to boost your libido

We as humans are having *less sex than ever before*. And YES that's an issue.


Besides the fact that social media, TV and a lack of real-life connection plays into this ... It's also about a lack of joy, imbalanced hormones and adrenal fatigue.


The important thing to note is that obviously everyones reasons for a low libido are particular to THEM.


But here are the top 5 things that often are MISSED in the conversation:



ONE: Increasing your life force energy 

Your life for energy is your creative energy, your sexual energy and the energy of money. When you hate your job, are feeling depressed, feel 'stuck' in your life and are being dragged down my negative decreases your life force energy, therefore also your libido. Ever notice that when you're life is thriving, and you feel like you've had an incredible day, your feeling horny AF? That's because your life force energy has increased and thus your libido has.


TWO: Turning yourself on rather than always waiting for someone else

If you do not feel sexy for yourself, why would someone else be magnetized towards you? If you are always waiting for your partner to turn you on, you will always be feeling like you are not in control of your own sexuality, sensuality and feelings. Instead, when you allow yourself to feel sexy for yourself, it's an instant libido booster and your partner (or men on the street) can feel and see that, making him/them want you because you're radiating. So, go be sexy for yourself rather than waiting for someone else to make you feel sexy.


THREE: Feeling safe to be seen in sex

If you don't feel safe to let your walls down, open your heart and be fully seen in your vulnerability and rawness, then there will always be a part of your body saying 'no' to the deep sex that you are craving. That will affect your libido because it's going to shut off sexual desire as you are shutting off wanting to be seen in your sexuality and vulnerability. IT's just the natural flow on affect from a very real somatic block that comes up when making love. So, what are you truly afraid of during intimacy and what is the actual truth of the situation?


FOUR: Having more orgasms

The number 1 thing that boost good estrogen and your libido is ORGASMS. Whether you need more estrogen to bring your libido back or if you just need t reduce your cortisol levels so that your libido can rise ... an orgasm will do it almost instantly. So start having more fun with yourself knowing that it doesn't only feel good, it also does good ;) 


FIVE: Being in a polarized situation that actually turns you on

If you are in a relationship or dating a guy where you don't feel turned on by the polarity...then good luck to you. There is nothing that will relax your body more (and thus increase your libido) than a man that makes you feel SAFE, protected and led. You want to feel like you can fully let go, switch your brain off and he's got you. Ugh. DROOL. So stop emasculating him, putting him down and trying to take control. It's drying you up and turning you OFF.



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