She Wants Him to Be the Provider and Protector

She Wants Him to Be the Provider and Protector

Maybe it's just me (spoiler I know it's not) but women want to be provided and protected. It's not just some so-called "social conditioning" to confuse's biology.


A man's hormonal profile (not a part of social conditioning however, when a man has less competition and 'man time' it'll lower his testosterone, which is NOT a good thing) is made to hunt, provide, and protect, whereas a woman's hormonal profile is made to neuter, grow offspring and gather. Does that mean women cannot work? No. Women have always worked, just not the same way men have. Does that mean that a woman cannot protect her children? Absolutely not. Have you ever seen a lioness protect her cubs?


But a female mammal has never (until now) tried to take over the role of a male.




When we LIE to women and say that they'll be happy protecting themselves and being Miss Independent, it just creates more unhappiness within her. She can have so much external success due to society telling her she must seek fulfillment in her career, as that's the greatest sign of success and empowerment. Only to then feel empty inside.


Sure, she CAN protect and provide for herself, but does she want to? There is an awakening happening of more and more women realizing (after hitting rock bottom being in their hyper-masculine) that they don't want the pressure of having to do it all on THEIR shoulders. They want their man to be the leader. They want to soften in their feminine and do what brings them joy. They want to create in a way that lights their soul on fire.




It's wrong that society is leading women and to believe that relying on a man is weak, passive, and dangerous.


Society wants us to believe that men cheat, lie, leave, are 'toxic' etc. But if you look at the stats, it shows otherwise. Nearly 70 percent of divorces are initiated by the wife. Additionally, the research shows that since the 1970s, women have become more and more unhappy despite having more rights than ever before.


And look, maybe it's because women feel like they have to do the housework, kids, and career .... but that's my exact point. When you're not letting HIM help you, provide, protect, take some of the weight OFF you ... you're stuck in the cycle of complaining whilst also continuing to engage in the hyper-independence that got you there in the first place.


Men, on average, have 10 kg more skeletal muscles, 40% more upper body strength, and 33% more lower body strength. On average, if a woman wanted to actually be stronger than men, she would have to have larger bones to support bigger muscles. So it’s biologically not possible for women to be stronger than men. Unless a woman is going to increase her testosterone by a magnitude of approximately twenty, increase her bone mass, and run on a man’s 24-hour cycle instead of her 28-day cycle … it’s just not possible. 


Additionally, his nervous system and hormonal profile is able to withstand longer periods of stress compared to hers. So when you put a woman in a situation that she simply CANNOT thrive in... you're quite literally setting her up for feeling like a failure. It's no wonder that women are pumping themselves full of pharmaceuticals and infertility is becoming the norm. When we continue to DISEMPOWER women from their femininity, we break them down and rip away their true power.


If society really wanted to empower women, we would be properly educated in schools about our cycle and the TRUTH about when you can actually fall pregnant, we'd be encouraged to listen to our cycle and body, mothers would be cherished and valued for being a mother, there would be less birth trauma and more empowered birth education, the pill wouldn't be handed out like candy, men would be the leaders, providers and protectors again instead of the "problem" and some kind of "toxic" part of society. Teachers, nurses and midwives (predominantly women) would be some of the highest paid people as we'd VALUE the important work they do for future generations and families would be able to live off one household income (his) to allow her the OPTION to be a stay-at-home mum.


Men are DIVINE.

Women are DIVINE.


WE ARE DIFFERENT. And our differences is what makes us fkn beautiful.



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