I Moved for LOVE

I Moved for LOVE

As a young girl, you’re taught to not move for a boy. Don’t give up your independence. Don't rely on love. What if he cheats? What if he’s a liar?


We are so focused on the bad things that can happen in life that many of us hold ourselves back from the EXPERIENCE OF LIFE.



🍓 What if he’s the best man you’ll ever be with?

🍓 What if he protects you?

🍓 What if he is the best father for your children and to parent with?

🍓 What if he supports you in ways you never knew you could have?


NYC was my home. It was where I spent the first 7 years of my childhood. It was the old place in the world that felt like home to me. My parents always knew that I’d move back there (when we were living in Australia), and as soon as I had enough money to live there comfortably, I BOLTED. It was my dream, and I never thought I’d leave.


Then came the love of my life. And against all odds, I left NYC. Now, I’m grateful. But my god, was it a hard choice. The dichotomy of my feelings and thoughts was all-consuming. My head would be throbbing.


But I trusted. I trusted that there was a reason for this, and I knew if I hated Georgia, I could leave and go back to NYC.


So I did it. I moved for love. I moved only after he said to me (on a chairlift… lol us and chairlifts), “Will you move to Atlanta? I need you there, baby.”


And his sexy request pulled me in. So I said YES.


As a result, my nervous system has recalibrated in a way I didn’t know I needed. My apartment was fucking gorgeous... but staring at downtown NYC 24/7 isn’t exactly good for you or natural. I didn't know that at the time, but now that I wake up to the sounds of birds and see green all day long, I get it.


I now get to grow a garden and connect to nature in a way I’ve never done before (in Australia, I feel like gardens are just scary because you could be bitten and killed in 0.05 seconds LOL, but in the US you’re safer in the garden). So my veggie patch era has started, and this new hobby gives me a sense of pleasure I wouldn’t be able to have in my previous environment.


I have a life that’s full of way more stillness. I’m not exhausted when I get home from all the crowds. I don't feel drained and then high on adrenaline... over and over again.


I get to appreciate NYC so much more because visiting and LIVING there are two complexly different things.


I’ve found independence IN my relationship in a way that I hadn’t experienced before. I’ve gotten creative in how we can spend time apart. I get more ME time in a way I wouldn’t get it in NYC — a 2 bedroom apartment doesn’t leave much room for ‘me time’ without you feeling the other person's energy right next to you or you having to leave the house.


I go on walks without seeing a single person. It’s fucking bliss.


And lastly, surprisingly for me, this space and calmness have allowed me to have more creativity from a quiet place rather than only feeling creative and inspired when I’m in the ‘rush.’


All this to say, NYC is still MY home. It’s just not OUR home. I could go on about this for hours, so it likely needs to turn into a podcast episode, but for someone who used to thrive in a busy environment, welcoming chaos and a ‘rush' — it’s incredibly fulfilling to now feel like I can also thrive in peace and calmness.


And since experiencing this, I’m now so much more sensitive and aware of how exhausting NYC is when I go there. Sometimes I’m like, how the fuck did I do this??!! And how did my parents do this with 3 kids?! LOLLL


I love visiting there so much, AND I love having a big house with a big yard to call home.


It opened up my eyes and showed me that there's more than one way to live your truth and feel at home with yourself... and sometimes it comes from a leap of faith and going for the unplanned option.


Acting on love isn't weak. It's brave, it's bold, and it's beautiful. I hope you have love in your life that takes you to new heights, too.


xx Monica


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