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Behind the Scenes of my New York City Immersion

Behind the Scenes of my New York City Immersion

Another immersion done *cue the tears


I seriously pour my freaking heart and soul into these events and here is a little behind the scenes for you guys to see all the hard work pay off. AND if you got major FOMO, I have opened some extra tickets for Paris (linked at the bottom 😉)    


So, here's a sneak peak of day 1 AND of the rest of their damn lives (omg it's insane how emotional I get even sharing this with you here, but gahhh I just love it so much!!)...

🫦 Arrival and opening of the space

🫦 Inner child healing/ clearing mum & dad shit (deeper than you’ve ever gone)

🫦 Healing stories we hold about feminine/masculine

🫦 Healing your top 2 stories in your head (e.g., I’m not enough)

🫦 Nervous system rewiring and expansion

🫦 Releasing masculine armor

🫦 Healing fear of being seen

🫦 Breath work (guaranteed you’ve never done breathwork like this)

🫦 Trauma release

🫦 Anger release


 Over the course of the day, the ladies experienced transformation, healing, and what it ACTUALLY means to be in our power (not just the woo-woo version we see on Instagram).

Day 2 of Immersion and these women took a leap of faith, trusted their inner voice, and it’s changed their lives. They’re meeting and becoming their future selves because they leapt and they trusted, and they’re bringing their floor shaking energy into everything they do.


Here’s what we got up to Day 2:

💦 Q+A

💦 Boundary healing and embodiment

💦 Trauma release with the focus of speaking your truth

💦 Breathwork no. 2

💦 Somatic release for trauma healing

💦 Tantric nerve activation

💦 Sensual eating class

💦 Lap dances

💦 Self Commitment



Day 3 saw these women fully embrace their newly expanded, sensual and empowered selves. In only three days they’ve dug deeper than they ever have before to confront everything that was holding them back from the woman they were meant to be.


Take a look at our final day:

🍓 Quantum leaping practises

🍓Clearing the trigger out of situations so that you can be in a response not react

🍓 Letting go of past lovers

🍓 Womb Clearing

🍓 Money clearing

🍓 Q+A and my fiancé joined for a bit too!!!

🍓 Something that was NOT planned but the ladies LOVED 🥵🌶️💦

🍓 Lap dances and deep sensual embodiment practices



…and our next Immersion is in just a few weeks in PARISSSS (what a blood DREAM)!!!


One of the most common things I hear from clients working with me is “I wish I did this sooner."


It's pretty wild how much our trauma and our past can weigh us down - and most of us don't even notice it in our day-to-day! It just becomes "normal," but it doesn't have to be normal at all.. and that's what I get SO excited to hear about as feedback when the women who attend my Immersions get home. They don't just get a fucking "high" off of me at my event. Their entire BEING shifts, their frequency is clearer and more magnetic, and their whole life is upleveled because of it.


They create LASTING change, a transformation that STICKS and isn't actually about me at all. It's about them, and I just simply held the space and facilitated the healing modalities for them to unlock HER within themselves.


Read the testimonials upon testimonials on the Immersion page on my website,and hear for yourself how these women are still raving about what they unlocked during our time together. This work never ceases to amaze me!! Full stop.


And listen, while I can't tell you if I'll ever host an event exactly like this one again because honestly I just do not know what next year will look like... everything is SO up in the air with my book launching Jan/Feb/Mar and then hoping to become pregnant next year too - and I'm also very aware that the likelihood of being able to have a young child (and then children) and run the Immersion in this same format is very slim. These events take EVERYTHING out of me in the best way, and at the same time... I'm really aware of what I imagine I will and will not have capacity for.


So before I say AU REVOIR to these 3-day Immersions as we know them (aka the events that are the talk of the whole damn internet because there's literally nothing else like them 💦)... you have ONE final chance to join me in Paris next month, as we've opened up just THREE more tickets (sneaky-sneaky) to make sure if you missed it, you have one last chance to swoop up a spot!


We're doing Paris, and then I'm closing this chapter on the Immersion as we know it - and my in-person work will evolve into something else.


This will be the final Immersion of its kind, which feels really really special.

I know you are on this planet for a purpose. I know you want to feel activated, turned on, inspired, cracked open and re-wired for abundance, love, ecstasy, sensuality, magnetism, and to be the woman that lights up every damn room she walks into. I know you're ready for your DREAM LIFE.


Well, this is your chance.

Join me for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. THREE full days together where you will not just be journaling and filling out a workbook (fucking snooze fest.. you've been there done that). This event is about DEEP re-coding of your body, trauma release, embodiment, pleasure activation and healing your ‘stuff’ in ways you couldn’t even imagine. We're going into the depths together, but we're coming out on the other side lighter and more turned on than ever before.


The life of your DREAMS, my friend. The life of your dreams is knocking on your door. Will you claim it? 🔥


I can't wait to meet you in Paris.