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228: Masculine & Feminine energy in life, business and dating

228: Masculine & Feminine energy in life, business and dating

This episode is from an interview I did on the ‘Make Shift Happen’ Podcast with Samantha Daily. We discuss masculine and feminine energy in relation to life, business and dating.


I feel like in a lot of the coaching space, things aren’t professional. In my area I like to keep myself very professional and this doesn’t mean that I am any less real or authentic but just that this allows me to separate my personal and professional life. This separation is why I don’t feel like I am drowning in my business and am able to be me separate to my business. I like having things that are just for me and so sharing my online is also in that professional capacity. Professionalism and results are important, not just the vibe of a coach’s socials. Please don’t hire someone based on where they live or the clothes they wear. Please hire someone based on the results that you know you will get from them because they have proved that to you. So many women put themselves in so much debt hiring all of these people and not getting any results.

When I started my business, I was very in my masculine. In the beginning you have to decide that your business is going to work. You have to decide that you are willing to do anything to make it work and those are the people who have successful businesses.

When it comes to feminine and masculine energy in business it is helpful to remember that you can technically be in your masculine but have the intention be feminine. Sometimes you doing something masculine actually feeds your feminine. Something like planning out your content for the week is a masculine task but it allows your feminine to feel relaxed so that you can be in your feminine.

In terms of masculine and feminine energy in dating, the issue right now is that women are complaining about there being no good men whilst at the same time emasculating men. So of course, men aren’t stepping up and leading because men fear they will make one wrong move and their lively hood will be ruined because of something the woman has interpreted. It is super easy for women when dating to slap a label on men they see like ‘he is a dick.’ Maybe he just didn’t like you and that fact alone does not make him a dick. Perhaps you are not a priority enough for him and this doesn’t mean that you aren’t worthy of an amazing man it just means he doesn’t like you enough.

The masculine and feminine, men and women work well together because we both have different strengths. Like Yin and Yang, when we come together, we complete the circle. We are one when we are together.