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10 Things That Will Support Your Hormones (For Men Too)!

10 Things That Will Support Your Hormones (For Men Too)!

There's a lot of fluffy information out there on how to balance your hormones. And whilst meditation is GREAT, it's not going to cut it if you're still using toxic skincare, eating vegetable oil, and not thinking twice about your daily habits.


So here are 10 habits to follow to ensure you're supporting your hormones and feeling your best:


1. Eat breakfast. The adrenaline rush that you get from not eating breakfast might feel good and make you ‘switched on’, but it’s short-lived. Especially for women, that kind of constant stress is really just burning your adrenals out and causing major hormonal chaos. For men, your testosterone will be depleted and for women, your progesterone will be hanging on by a thread. So brace yourself for PMS impact!


2. Avoid vegetable oil! If you haven’t listened to why you need to avoid this gasoline at all costs, click HERE.


3. Get sun every day. Vitamin D that you get from the sun is different than that from supplements, and vitamin D plays a crucial role in your hormonal balance, circadian rhythm, and immune system. Just sit outside for breakfast or take a walk between meetings. 10 minutes goes a LONG way!


4. Go to bed at regular times. We are cyclical beings by nature, and going to bed and waking up at similar times every day helps our bodies to feel balanced, regulated, and energized.


5. Eat healthy fats. Our hormones are made from cholesterol which is something that we need to eat. One of its primary tasks is the synthesis of various hormones— particularly sex hormones — as it acts as the “spine” of all steroidal hormones.


6. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet. We live in a world where pretty much everything is causing us inflammation — fucked sleep cycles, vegetable oil, stress, lack of nature exposure, toxic skincare, low-quality food, and nutrient deficiencies. I could go on. Where possible, try to eat organic (esp. if you live in the US), lots of anti-inflammatory foods, like extra virgin olive oil, berries, vegetables, high-quality meats, and reduce your stress.


7. Have more sex. I mean this one is a given, DUH! Sex and the hormones that you receive from engaging in intimacy help to lower your blood pressure, reduce inflammation in the body, and balance your hormones. If you are low in estrogen (ladies), orgasms are the best way to boost it!


8. Eat organic. Whilst American friends definitely need to eat organic, Europeans, Australians, and other countries ban most of the toxic chemicals that are used in the U.S. (lucky me lol). So don’t stress too much if you’re overseas, but if you live in the US, you'll want to avoid that glyphosate if you want to remain fertile and free of cancer. Just sayin'.


9. Say goodbye to toxic skincare. If you're not already using non-toxic skincare and household products, you NEED to. The endocrine disruptors that are present in the average product are causing your hormones to become imbalanced, leading to a whole host of flow-on affects that you do not want to f with. Now more than ever, you need to be hyper-aware of the detergent, soap, skincare, makeup, candles etc that you're using to reduce the toxic load that your body is dealing with. For my favourite skincare and household swaps, go to my favourite products page


10. REDUCE YOUR STRESS: Progesterone decreases (not good) when you have increased stress, as cortisol is a precursor for progesterone. Meaning that in order for cortisol to be made, it takes away from your progesterone stores. When progesterone levels are low, you’ll experience the far too common side effects of hormonal imbalances: sore boobs, back pain, bloating, mood swings, acne, insomnia, cravings, anxiety, etc. So cut back on intense exercise and focus on doing LESS not more.


Stress is the #1 thing to work on in order to heal your hormones. And it's not just the obvious stress of work, but also all the subconscious stressors (this goes for men too).

The stress of:

🍓 Not feeling enough

🍓 Comparing yourself

🍓Worrying about what your parents think

🍓 Your anxious attachment style

🍓 Money

🍓 Not getting the clients

🍓 Needing to be in control

🍓 Not feeling like you can trust anyone

🍓 Not feeling supported

🍓 Feeling misunderstood

🍓 Your body not feeling like a safe home

...the list goes on.


If you want hot sex and a bangin' libido (who doesn't)... you NEED to prioritize healing your hormones from ALL ANGLES.

  • What you eat, don't eat
  • How you work out
  • Your trauma and nervous system coding
  • Your relationships
  • Your mindset
  • Your sleep


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