8 things that will support your hormones (for men too)!

8 things that will support your hormones (for men too)!
Theres a lot of fluffy information out there for how to balance your hormones. And whilst meditation is GREAT, it's not going to cut it if you're still using toxic skincare, eating vegetable oil and not thinking twice about your daily habits.
  1. Eat breakfast. The adrenaline rush that you get not eating breakfast might feel good and make you ‘switched on’ but it’s short lived. Especially for women, that kind of constantly stress is really just burning your adrenals out and causing major hormonal chaos. For men, your testosterone will be depleted and for women your progesterone will be hanging on by a thread. So brace yourself for PMS impact!
  2. Avoid vegetable oil! If you haven’t listened to why you need to avoid this gasoline at all costs, click HERE.
  3. Get sun everyday. Vitamin D that you get from the sun is different than supplements and vitamin D plays a crucial role in your hormonal balance, circadian rhythm and immune system. Just sit outside for breakfast or take a walk between meetings. 10 minutes goes a LONG way!
  4. Go to bed at regular times. We are cyclical beings by nature, and going to bed and waking up at similar times every day helps out body to feel balanced, regulated and energized.
  5. Eat healthy fats. Our hormones are made from cholesterol which is something that we need to eat. One of its primary tasks in the synthesis of various hormones—particularly sex hormones, as it acts as the “spine” of all steroidal hormones.
  6. Eat an anti inflammatory diet. We live in a world where pretty much everything is causing us inflammation. Fucked sleep cycles, vegetable oil, stress, lack of nature exposure, toxic skincare, low quality food, nutrient deficiencies. I could go on. Try where possible to eat organic (esp if you live in the US), lots of anti-inflammatory foods like extra virgin olive oil, berries, vegetables, high quality meat and reduce your stress.
  7. Have more sex - I mean this one is a given. DUH! Sex and the hormones that you receive from engaging in intimacy help to lower your blood pressure, reduce inflammation in the body and balance your hormones. If you are low in estrogen (ladies), orgasms are the best way to boost it!
  8. Eat organic. Whilst American friends defs need to eat organic, europeans, Australian's and other countries ban most of the toxic chemicals that are used in the US. (lucky me lol). So don’t stress too much if you’re overseas, but if you live in the US, you want to avoid that glyphosate if you want to remain fertile and free of cancer. Just sayin.