How to feel safe feeling seen in your feminine energy

How to feel safe feeling seen in your feminine energy
To be seen by other people, you have to see yourself. If you don't feel comfortable being seen in your sensuality, then you don't FULLY feel safe to be seen.
WHY? Because, as a woman, our sensuality is part of our pure essence and authenticity.
Our Lover archetype wants to feel safe to be expressed, received, and activated. But so many of us shut her down all the time because we feel unsafe being seen in our beautiful femininity and sensuality.
If you've ever thought that the feminine is 'weak' or you've been slut shamed or shamed by others, then I almost guarantee you that you've shamed your OWN sensuality...which in turn has suppressed your self-expression in EVERY form.
Boundaries, expressing desires, sharing wants, sharing needs, saying 'no ... poof 💨 gone from your everyday ability.
You can change this.
You have the power to start to heal yourself. You have the power to radiate like the woman that you want to be.
You just have to hold yourself in the uncomfortable feeling of doing something new.
Because what's gotten you to this point and what's keeping you stuck isn't going to heal you.
And I KNOW that you do not want to look back in 6 months' time and think to yourself, "how has NOTHING changed?"
How good would it feel to instead look back in just 7 weeks' time and be like, "this is the best thing I ever did for myself, and I'm so glad I didn't wait" ...
If you cannot see yourself and your humanness, how will you ever feel safe letting someone else see that part of you? ⁠
If you fear being seen as vulnerable or ‘weak’ (hello, that used to be me), you’ll also never tap into your true essence. ⁠
Why? Because your essence is pure, raw, and unfiltered. It’s not trying to fit into a box or change itself to please others. ⁠
Your true essence is what makes you MAGNETIC, irresistible, and radiate. ⁠
So, if you are afraid of being seen .... how can you start to see yourself? ⁠
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