My Favorite Glowing Skin Hacks

My Favorite Glowing Skin Hacks
Recently I held a Gut and Skin healing masterclass and WOWZA. WATCH OUT WORLD! We have a wave of glowing beauties storming through!


As for my top glowing skin hacks... the first one is obviously doing the inner energetic work. Because yes, it's noticeable and will result in your sexy skincare working better.
Grab these 2 products that are my ride or die
         Marie Veronique B serum
         Ursa Major Golden Hour moisturizer
  1. Start getting acupuncture on your face. Trust me, just do it. It'll prevent premature aging from the root, boost collagen and reduce inflammation from breakouts.
  2. Vitamin D (and not just 🍆 - although that's also going to give you glowing skin)
  3. Get filtered water in your house or put a filter on the sink that you use to wash your face. Unless you're living in the Swiss Alps, chances are your water is filled with harsh shit that can completely destroy the microbiome on your skin barrier, causing inflammation and unwelcome breakouts.
  4. Do more things that boost YOUR serotonin and dopamine. Don't just look at what your favorite influencer does in her free time. Reflect on what makes you happy, joyful, and ecstatic. Is it weekends by the ocean? Going out to see shows? reading in the sun? long walks? Skiing?
Combine those 5 steps with the most important one - the energetic clearing. -- Everything that we cleared, healed end discovered for YOU (I conducted the class in a way where you could get personalized answers and results) in the Skin Healing Class and the Gut Healing Class is going to give you that radiance that no amount of skincare will provide.
So don't hesitate. Grab these masterful and essential healing classes for you to finally feel like glowing skin and a healthy gut in your new norm.
xx Monica