Fifty Shades of Us

Fifty Shades of Us

Recently, my Fiancé and I did the photoshoot of a lifetime. And whilst I'm not showing you them all I'm giving you a hint of pictures that make me drop to my knees in pleasure. 

 Of course, if you're looking at these pictures and being like "I want this vibe in my life" that's where the Men & Money Bundle comes in handy ;) I was very intentional about calling this sort of relationship into my life. Where our vibe is magnetizing and we're literally obsessed with each other. 


The life that I have created for myself is one that didn't just come out of thin air. I'm dedicated to my embodiment of manifestation and thus my dream life is one that is non-negotiable. 

In Magic, Money & Manifestation Level 2, you'll gain everything that I personally do, feel, embody and believe to have this life of mine. In Be a Lover, Not a Mother, you'll be co-creating the sort of relationship where your polarity turns heads. 


The Men & Money Bundle is one of the hottest combinations I've created and it's what will make your dream life inevitable for you. 


They have one thing in common. Receivership.

If you can't relax and surrender, your manifestations won't land.

If you can't have faith and trust him, he can't lead you.

The somatic process of manifesting is feminine

The act of 'letting him lead' requires your femininity


THE NUGGET: Without feeling safe to receive from the masculine and men, we cannot receive our manifestations either.
The Men & Money Bundle Closes July 14th and I don't know when I'll be opening it again (we have a very packed year next year!!) 


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