FAQs from Instagram - working together, period problems, procrastination, dating & more

FAQs from Instagram - working together, period problems, procrastination, dating & more
Whilst I adore doing "ask me anything" boxes on Instagram, the time limit doesn't exactly get me going 🤣. So by answering some of your questions here, I can give them more depth and you can also look at them at a time that suits you -- it's a win/win. 

Hi! Period pain is gone, but extreme ovulation pain on the right side. Any ideas? Thank you ♥️

Yes what are you carrying regarding masculine wounds? Men that have done wrong by you, fear of the masculine, stuff with your dad? The right side is our masculine side, left is to do with the feminine.
Also, lower your inflammation via supplements, food, sleep, less stress and get rid of toxic skincare and household products as much as possible. 
One simple thing you do every day that helps you feel grounded in your feminine?
Slow mornings outside (summer), on the couch (winter) or on my fluffy chairs in my office. Cuddles with my man or doggies. Cooking. Being in my garden. Reading. Tea. Doing nothing and just 'being'. 

Can you associate negative energy with a place? How do you remove that attitude

Yes. A few options:

  • Go there again as a new you, having a new experience. It can *help* minimise the 'bad" anchor. This is something that you can do without me but you obviously MUST feel like you can hold yourself in safety and feel safe within your own body.
  • You need to reduce the sensory activation your body has when thinking about the place or going there. This is something that I can guide you through and heal whatever happened in that place

Recurring BV! Helppppp!! Under a lot of stress rn, first time getting was 3 months ago!

Things that relate to your pussy is about disconnection from femininity. Also, it can related to anger with men or feelings of shame. The fact that you've been stressed tells me a lot. Also your gut bacteria from the stress is probably off, causing you to be more susceptible to getting it. As usual, fit the root ;) Get rid of the stress whether it's emotional, mental or physical. 

How can we tackle procrastination?

Obviously the best healing for this is done with me because we can heal the root, but as a starting point ask yourself;
What am I avoiding?

Procrastination is just self sabotage. You're avoiding something by doing nothing. It's the greatest way to keep yourself stuck. Reality is, staying stuck can actually feel less scary than growing. You have to train your body to WANT to grow and not give into avoidance.

Working w/ clients, do you find you embodying more of a masculine or feminine energy? 

Most of the time masculine because I'm leading. I'm directing them and need to be the one to create the safety, direction and container.
If I was 100% in my feminine energy it wouldn't allow their nervous system to fully soften. My feminine is in full action though in terms of my intuition. So it's a blend depending on the needs of the session. 

Why is it when I meet a beautiful man who is so available and open to me I lose interest 😫

Because you're nervous system is wired for chaos or to be anxious. So when you meet someone that doesn't jack your nervous system up, you think he's 'boring. It's a classic situation of being addicted to the wrong guys and then the ones that are interested in you, you aren't in him because he's calm and you're used to the rollercoaster. Or you don't trust him because you think he's hiding something as its "just too good to be true." 
You might also just not be attracted to him too. Which is totally fine. (Obviously)

How will you and your fiance divide or pool finances? 

This is something I get specific in in The Feminine Female Breadwinner, but to give you a hint here especially as you guys now know he works for me (or did you miss a recent IG reel 🤭) 
Money isn't always easy to talk about as money means different things to different people. But it's vital to always be talking about it so it's a normalised conversation and not taboo one.
The more something is in hiding, the more of an issue it can be.
We really divine finances in a feminine/masculine way to be honest. He's the masculine, and I'm the feminine and for the most part our fiancés are a reflection of that in terms of who pays for what. It doesn't mean he pays for more, it's about what he pays for and making providing something BIGGER than just money.
Again, TFFB breaks it down in great detail and I ensure that you are able to make finances something that feels good in your relationship too. 

Do you take his last name after building your life/ career/reputation with your own name?

I've been asked this a lot so I'm glad it'll finally have a spot on the blog! 😆 I've always wanted to take my man's name even before I met my fiance. For me personally, taking his name is such a sexy act of 'I'm yours' and really embracing our partnership. We've spoken about me taking his name, and I'll legally change my last name but for work things, I'll still be referred to as "Monica Yates." I'm also excited to have this somewhat 'separation' between my personal and professional life and having two names has got to help right😉


What was it like making the transition of ur fiancé working for & with u?

The transition definitely wasn't easy but it was worth it. A couple that starts a business together is 50/50 compared to our situation where I've gotten my business to where it is, and he's coming in after the foundations have been laid and the hard things have been done. We also have very different working styles so it was an intense period of learning about each other, patience and high quality information. I would not recommend it for the faint hearted, however we've managed to maintain our polarity, sex life, intimacy and romantic connection even during the rough times.
Additionally, we did it in the mist of my moving from NYC, buying a house, so much travel, an engagement and so we were very gracious with each other and ourselves that we had a lot on our plate mentally and emotionally.  I've learnt a lot during this time and It's made me a more grounded and strong leader, even better with boundaries & communication and it's allowed me to start taking a step back from the operations side of the business. 


Root cause of period probs and not able to lose excess weight?

Depending on the period issue, can influence the energetic root cause. It's important to ensure that no matter what, you've done the physical work (diet and lifestyle) first. Otherwise the emotional issue won't necessarily work if you're eating a diet full of sugar and vegetable oil. Most period issues are because of some kind of disconnection with femininity (often coupled with wounding around the masculine/men). 
An inability to lose excess weight is because you are protecting yourself, not wanting to be seen and/or holding onto emotional baggage. When you somatically release past trauma, emotions and events from your body...the weight goes too. It's really quite remarkable. 
That's all for now my friends! I'll be sure to do another blog soon when I do another Q+A with some of the most popular questions. 
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