Are You Forgetting About the Law of Action When Manifesting?

Are You Forgetting About the Law of Action When Manifesting?

When it comes to manifesting, everyone focuses on the law of attraction... but people often forget about the law of action.

And if you're forgetting this key piece, you're going to find it a lottttt harder to achieve your manifestations, 


So, with the law of attraction, it's basically attracting in what it is that you want — you're matching that vibrational frequency, like attracts like, etc.

Then you have the law of action. And the law of action is basically that you need to take action in order for things to come to you.

For example, if you're just thinking and putting to the universe the thought and intention of, "I want a man to come and sweep me off my feet," but you're not leaving the house... can you see where the problem is?

Well, yeah, he could come and be the electrician and then that could happen. That's totally possible. But you're also not opening up many avenues for that to come through.


Remember this: you want to open up as many avenues as possible for your manifestation to come through.

So, if you're not taking very many action steps, you're not really allowing it to come through with a lot of ease. You're really pigeonholing yourself and bottlenecking yourself, instead of giving you the most opportunity for your manifestation to come true.


And there are so many ways you can practice the law of action!

I want you to think about what action steps you can take towards a manifestation that you want. What steps could you take to be that next version of you? That next level version of yourself that you're dreaming of becoming so that you can be HER or HIM?

Ask yourself, how does he/she yourself show up for work? How does he/she walk? How does he/she dress? How does he/she exercise? How does that version of yourself spend your day?

There's so many different things you can consider! And once you know those things, you can start acting on them.


In manifestation, the law of action starts to change your vibration so that you can attract in what it is that you want to attract in. You need to think but also do.

So take those action steps, rather than simply waiting and hoping for things to happen to you.


If you'd like more manifestation tips, I tell you my top 3 (including the law of action!) in episode 344 of my podcast. Check it out below.


xx Monica



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