Embracing your Feminine as an Ambitious Woman

Embracing your Feminine as an Ambitious Woman

She craves to be led⁠

She wants to be worshiped by the masculine⁠

She wants to be able to give her heart to him will full trust and devotion⁠

She wants to feel protected and provided by him. She wants his integrity, his disciple and his direction.⁠

Those things are soothing to the feminine’s nervous system⁠

Nothing is more jarring than the current world of indecisiveness, dishonor and fluidness to her body.⁠

In order for her to let go, and be in receivership, she *must* feel like her man has got her. That she can be wild, free and expressed and he will NEVER leave. That she can get lost in her creativity because he has FULL control. She needs to feel, trust and know that he will not let her down.⁠

For a lack of trust in this will results in a lack of polarity. She will start leading as a way to create the sense of safety and ease that she is looking for in her body. The frustration and tensions that arises in a woman’s body when things are not being taken care of in the way that she needs them to be feels like a bomb is about to explode inside of her.⁠


What we often forget as women is that we need to do our part. We need to learn how to come out of the masculine work environment and drop into our feminine. We need to learn how to soften in moments of intimacy and be present with them. We need to learn how to embrace feminine leadership so that we can lead when needed but not emasculate or step on their masculinity. 


I'm not going to tell you to stop working and spend all day in the kitchen if you don't want to. Instead I'm going to invite you to really tap into the DREAM life that you want to have with work, your relationship and keeping the polarity STEAMY. 

Yes, it requires commitment and work. Just like anything else that you want a reward from. It doesn't mean that you need to push, it means that you need to be in alignment and not operating from a space of hustling, control and domination. 

In order for there to be a solid, delicious and healthy relationship between a man and a woman, there has to be the feminine and the masculine. And when both parties are fulfilling their role, there is harmony and oneness. We fit together.⁠

When there is disharmony, we experience pain and overwhelm.⁠

This is in both committed relationships and also in dating or casual relationships.⁠

My new program HER is THE PROGRAM for women that desire the life of their dreams, are ambitious are reading in some way shape or form (with their kids, friends, career etc) and want to know how to be able to be feminine through this all. It's a revolutionary program that will support you to keeping the polarity in your relationships even if you find yourself leading in life. 

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