How I'm growing my team to embody feminine leadership

How I'm growing my team to embody feminine leadership

As I step further into my role as a leader, healer, and business owner, things obviously have to change and develop. 


If we add to the table that we want to have kids in a few years, it becomes glaringly obvious that there's no way I could have the current workload that I do and be the mum that I want to be. 


I live by the truth that I CAN do it all; I just have to have the proper execution. 


The role of the mother has been devalued in society and it's like we only cheer the woman on that's drowing in things to do and 'seems' to be keeping her head afloat. 


I'm not living my life that way. I'm excited to be a mother, wife *and* business owner. 


So with that knowledge of what I want my future to look like, naturally, I'm setting myself up now. I'm ensuring everything is fully operational and smooth years before we get into the parenting season because I do not want the last-minute stress of 'HOW THR FUCK AM I GOING TO DO THIS ALL??!!'


As part of being an inspiration and guide to many of you, it's also my responsibility to be an example and always be in integrity with what I am saying. It seems like many coaches have recently come out on social media sharing that they have not been embracing feminine leadership, even though they have been essentially teaching about it. 


That's never been me, and it never could be me because integrity is in my top values for myself and others. So with that, I wanted to give you guys the current breakdown of my team. Not only do you get an idea of what happens behind the scenes, but also so you can see my growth and evolution over the years. I've had what some would consider very fast growth. For me, it doesn't feel fast, but I'm pretty sure that's due to the sustainability that I've also created. It wasn't an overnight success. I worked for YEARS on my business before I could feed myself with the income. Once it took off, it took off. I has two different assistants that were my right hand (both excellent at the time, and then it simply just wasn't a fit anymore), and now I'm at a place where I have a consistent team of five people plus contractors for different projects. 


It's been hard, I'm not going to lie, when it comes to passing off some of the things I've done in my business for 4+ years. It's taken me years to get to a place where I've found someone that can perfectly replicate the love I put into my DMs, the effort I put into all my emails (I still write them all, don't know if I would ever WANT to let that go), the vibe that I bring with my marketing, how on top of operations I would be...but the time has come. Not only because for me to grow, I have to be able to focus on my area of genius, but also because I cannot be a mum, wife, friend, lover, author, speaker, CEO, coach, healer and do all the behind the scenes of the business that I once did. I talked about this in more detail on this recent podcast, especially about being a mother in the near future. 


So with that, let's break down some of what is done behind the scenes of running a business and who now does this for me. 


Customer service - I've done this on and off since my business started. I've always dealt with the most sensitive emails, and admin ones were handed off to my assistants when I had them. Now, the goal is that 90% of emails can be dealt with by my client concierge. Olivia has the perfect energy and fire for this role. She replicates the love and presence that I put into every email, and so now I have this amazing woman helping me with DM's emails and anything else' customer service' related


Email marketing - As I said previously, I write all my emails (minus the podcast emails, but there's an approval process for that), and then Meg and/or Rhea puts them into our email marketing system, making them look pretty and easy for the eye. 


Social media content creation, production, and posting - For my whole business life (I've had my account for nearly 9 years) I've done all the posting myself. I've made every graphic, created every reel, and written every caption. 

Similarly, I've always been the creator of my IG stories, posting them all (in the last few years, I've had my assistant posting my podcast graphics and other slides that run on 'repeat' (as there's somewhat of a 'routine' with them)), making them all and being fully in charge of my Ig stories. 


Podcast production - I used to do my whole podcast production myself. Half of it was handed off to my assistant, and now 80% of it is handed off to my assistant as she edits, uploads, makes all the creative assets, and writes the descriptions/emails. While I loved doing all of the podcast myself, it wasn't something I needed to do, and I'm better off using those hours to be doing something that someone else couldn't. 


Operations and project management. Let me outline just a small idea of what goes into a launch for you ;) 

    1. Timeline outline 
    2. Writing all emails 
    3. Making all IG story slides to sell the program.
    4. Writing around 25 IG posts for that launch 
    5. Making reels
    6. Filming content 
    7. Planning podcast episodes 
    8. Updating the website pages or making the website page 
    9. Scheduling emails for marketing 
    10. Making check-out pages 
    11. Updating contracts 
    12. Updating email flows post-purchases 
    13. Replying to customer service emails 
    14. Onboarding/offboarding, if applicable
    15. Creating connections to different back-end things for automation to work 
    16. Making/updating PDFs and other assets that the clients get
    17. Making my notes 
    18. Selling myself!! Hehe 

So I used to do all this since the beginning of my business, and then in 2020, my assistant would help me with small pieces of it, and now Meg, my Operations & Project Manager, does 80% of this. I obviously make all the program notes, sell the offering, write the emails, make the content, write the emails, and post on social media. Meg does the rest with the help of my COO. I've done my launches enough times that I'm at a place where they can be entirely handed off and managed by someone else.  

Marketing – This has been all me the whole time until just recently when I hired a marketing team about a week ago to help me make decisions. I still write all the sales pages, make all the Instagram slides, write all the emails, come up with all photoshoot conceptions, and make all programs and email funnels. Essentially they are helping me develop concepts, think of social media posts, refine copy, and have another set of 'marketing' eyes on my work. The more eyes, the stronger the message, and whilst everyone seems to think they know marketing, REAL marketing, copywriting, and messaging is something that has a whole 'art' behind it and so having someone else to help me out with the brand development, positioning, and marketing is incredible. Liv will be looking over new sales pages I've written, IG slides I've made and captions I've written to give me the 'tick of approval or tweak a few words that she thinks could help the message get across in a more potent way. 


Operations, tech, and payment management - Well, as the theme has been…I did this all myself until about 2021, when 50% of it was taken off my plate, and now 97% of it is off my plate. This chunk of work includes setting up website payments, fixing web glitches, checking automations, tracking data and information that's needed for programs/events, dealing with failed payments, supporting customers with payment issues, sending out invoices etc. 

The only part of this that I still do is sending out invoices. There's something about the energy of sending an invoice that I ADORE. I like to be connected to the client, be the one that's receiving their money (because I'm the one giving them the value they're paying for), and feeling like I'm putting that step in for them rather than them feeling like it's a robot on the other end and they're just sending their hard worked money into the abyss. You get me? 

Everything else is off my plate thanks to my Client Concierge, Ops manager, and COO/CFO. 



So, I think that's most of it! There's always miscellaneous tasks, like for example, when I hosted the free "Becoming HER" masterclass, I quickly did all the tech and back end side of things to get the recording out into people's inboxes. However, for the most part, I'm now fully supported by an amazing team that is always consciously working to take things off my plate and set me up for motherhood, planning a wedding, and having a very successful book! 


If you're wondering, "how the heck do you still do all of this without burning out?! -- that's why I created HER. A 100% live program to help you lead like the woman you want to be! 


Feminine leadership never felt so easy and graceful 

Gone are the days of being too masculine with your leadership and butting heads with your man. HER is a unique and essential program guiding you to balance feminine leadership with his masculine leadership. You’re about to feel like you’re KILLING IT in the dance between you, your career, your health, and your relationships.